Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wednesday 9th.September 2009

Just a few shots taken over the last couple of days , whilst hedgelaying up on the Greensand Ridge .
First , my favourite member of the Hawkweed/Hawkbit/Hawksbeard family , because it is the easiest to identify . Although all members of the Daisy family , they nearly all have a Dandelion type , and coloured flower , except Beaked Hawksbeard , which I posted a while ago , with it's outer florets yellow but orange underneath . The other exception is Orange Hawkweed-Pilosella

aurantiacum , which does as it says , has orange florets . I found just two plants on a roadside verge on our way to hedgelaying , but last year there was a really good number of plants , giving a great show , but I think aggressive strimming may have put paid to a repeat show this year .
The field we were working in also contained a herd of young cattle , and naturally enough , lots of cowpats . On a couple of them , I found a fungi which has found it's niche in such surroundings .
Small orange coloured discs , quite easily overlooked , Cheilymenia stercorea .
Quite close to where we were working , were two pairs of refugia , and I must admit that I had a couple of looks on both days , but found nothing more than an immature Grass Snake underneath , but on one visit , I found this Roesel's Bush Cricket , stretched out on top of a felt , showing the 'springs' that can propel is , when it wants to move quickly .

On both days , we were treated to Tawny Owls calling from the same location .
And finally , I thought I would post just one shot of the finished hedge , the first completed this season .


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
So, one hedge down, how many to go? You never know what will turn up on a cowpat, do you?
Nice flora photo's.

ShySongbird said...

Beautiful flower photos Greenie, a shame about the aggressive strimming though!

I was very interested to see the Cricket, I thought for years that we had Grasshoppers and the Americans had Crickets but blogging has been such an educative process!

As for the field where you have been hedgelaying...give me a little hut there and I will be perfectly happy. Built up areas? No thanks, not for me....give me fields any day !

Anonymous said...

That`s one fine hedge. Keep up the good work, Greenie.

Greenie said...

Ken ,
We did about 4/500 mtrs. last year up on the Ridge , but will probably do a bit less this year . Plus of course the ones with the Surrey group .
Hope Pam is getting better .

ShySongbird ,
That particular Cricket used to be quite rare , but has now spread away from the coast to well inland . Fields for me too .

Dean ,
Thanks .

Kingsdowner said...

Charming cow-pat fungi.

Warren Baker said...

About time you showed us some of your handywork Greenie! ( the hedge not the pat!!)