Friday, 13 November 2009

Friday 13th.November 2009

An unlucky day , well it certainly was as regards the weather , with about 20 minutes of dryness from dawn to dusk . After three days volunteering , I was hoping to get out and about today , but that weather put paid to that . So I am going to have to fall back , again , on shots from our recent NZ trip .
Starting with insects , managed to get this Damselfly , looking very similar to out Large Red , on the vegetation down by the little stream at the bottom of the garden .
On one of the trips to the beach , on a windy day , found this Dragonfly , hanging on for all it was worth to the road surface . I managed to get it onto my finger and moved it to a safer position . It looked very much like our Brown Hawker .
Whilst working in the garden , removing a tree stump , came across this adult Cockroach , obviously a breeding specimen , as we also turned up several juveniles amongst the rotten wood . This one was about 4/5 cms. long .
A couple of plants found whilst out on walks , included this very striking member of the Cranesbill/Geranium family .
Whilst walking around the edges of the orchards , we came across more specimens of Broomrape than I have ever seen in one place before . In places under the shelterbelt conifers , they were growing like weeds .
Now a few birds . The Kingfishers that I have mentioned before that visited the garden , were I think a male and female , as I witnessed food passing and their breasts were different shades of white/cream . Here , the two are on adjacent fence posts .
Whilst out in the car one day , I found this Eastern Rosella , perched on the wires alongside the road . It just allowed two shots , before it flew off noisily . I also recorded a pair quite regularly in the garden , but they always kept in cover .
On another trip to the beach , recorded this Tern , which I think is a Caspian , as it was much bigger than the Common , but if it isn't , I know I will be put right .
Also from the car , I got these male Wild Turkeys , seemingly having a stand off , and showing their finery . Just a short distance away was a single female , which was what all the showing off was probably about .
Another favourite songster , was this Little Grey Warbler . This male was singing his heart out , and seemed quite oblivious to my presence . A descending scale , like a very melodious Willow Warbler .
And finally , couldn't post re. NZ without a Kiwi . Well not actually a Kiwi , more of 'a Kiwi was here' shot . This hole , I was assured by the Ranger at a small reserve we visited , was made by a Kiwi searching for worms . There were many more holes along the track in the area , and I believe him !


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
More nice photo's. Do you think the wild Turkey's are lecking for the females attentions?

ShySongbird said...

Another very interesting post, so odd to see Parrots in the wild. I see Eastern Rosellas are native to Aus and Tas but introduced in NZ. Wild Turkeys seem weird too.!

It must have been a wonderful experience, do you go very often?

Greenie said...

Ken ,
Could be , but to me it looked as if they had just left the pub and were looking for a punch up .

Greenie said...

ShySongbird ,
Looking at the small amount of information re. the small number of native birds that I managed to find out there , it's not surprising that there are so many introduced species .
I saw the Turkeys several times in different areas each time , definitely wild , but probable introduced too , or escapees .
This was our third trip to NZ . Would love to go more often if someone could shorten the journey time . Coming home , from leaving our daughter's door , to reaching our's , 34.5 hours of planes , airports , buses and cars , and still waking at odd hours , wondering where we are .
Oh to be like some , who get on the plane and go to sleep , waking up to get off .