Friday, 20 November 2009

Friday 20th.November 2009

Another horrible day weather wise , but nothing compared to those poor folk up in Cumbria . It rained into the afternoon , and then dried up for the last hour or so of light . I had to get out , and headed up on to West Wickham Common for a quick look round . After parking the car , the first thing I found was something I have mentioned a couple of times this Autumn , but failed to post a picture . It is the orange seeds inside the pink seedpods of the Spindle-Euonymus europaeus . These were in a small hedge line which also contained Sloes , the fruits of the Blackthorn . Also found was another flower , taking advantage of the lack of frosts , and flowering into the back end of November . It is Herb Robert-Geranium robertianum , a really long flowering plant , having started last April .
Very little birdsong was heard , mainly Jay , Magpie and Carrion Crow , but there was one Song Thrush that could be heard all over the Common , in full song as if it was Spring already .
A few fungi caught my eye , although they are very hard to find amongst the leaf litter . A pair of good sized Red-cracked Boletus-Boletus chrysenteron , the usual 35mm. film canister gives a size comparison . Easier to spot was this stump , with a good growth of Coriolus versicolor-Many-zoned Polypore , and a few specimens of Xylaria hypoxylon-Candle-snuff or Stag's Horn Fungus , thrown in for good measure . Skulking amongst the leaf litter was Russula ochroleuca-Common Yellow Russula .
The light was fading by the minute , and just as I was getting back to the car , the cloud started to clear , just in time to see the sun disappearing over the horizon . Let's hope tomorrow is somewhat better , but I'm not holding my breath .
Oh , and sorry for making you spill your tea Warren , with the picture of the Masked Lapwing .


Warren Baker said...

Song and Mistle thrushes will be singing now greenie, you might hear a skylark tuning up as well.

I too saw the sky clear today - just in time to see sunset.......

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post, I am considering talking about the same in my blog.