Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday 22nd.November 2009

Weather and visitors meant I didn't get out today , so am just posting a few more NZ shots . Firstly the Paradise Ducks , or Putangitangi in Maouri . Unusually , the male is the dullest of the pair , but still a striking bird . The female , even more striking , with it's white head and even more colourful plumage . As I have said before , the introduced Mynha birds are the 'bully boys' in the garden , sometimes numbering 15/20 , especially when scraps were thrown out . The New Zealand Woodpigeon , was a bird that I never saw on the ground , always seen like this one , high in the Gum Trees , or , secreted amongst the thick vegetation , down by the stream . A few insects found around the garden , included this Weta , looking somewhat like a Cricket . This one , a female , identified by the ovipositor on the end of her abdomen . These insects are nocturnal and this one was prepared to defend itself with those strange hind legs . In amongst the vegetation , I found quite a few juvenile Stick Insects , but I was never fortunate enough to find an adult , although our daughter said she saw the adults quite often . One of the many Spiders found around the house , not surprising as the house is built on sloping land to the back , giving ideal habitat for the Spiders underneath . And finally , one of the Bottlebrush flowers , to which my favourite NZ bird , the Tui , was attracted to each morning for it's breakfast .


Anonymous said...

That Cricket is one hell of an impressive beastie. A cracking specimen.

ShySongbird said...

I have just caught up with your latest posts and enjoyed seeing and reading about the different fungi, I really need to brush up on ID with those!

Great pics of the Mandarin, they do look exotic and I'm ashamed to say I have never seen one, I believe they were originally escapees from captivity.

Lovely to see and read more of your NZ trip. I suspect in this weather you wouldn't mind being back there for a while! Those Mynah certainly do behave like their bully boy Starling relatives.