Friday, 1 January 2010

Friday 1st.January 2010


It took all of last year to get a garden tick for a Fox , so it came as quite a surprise when two Foxes appeared in the garden this morning . They stayed well down the bottom for most of the time , but one , I think the same animal that was in the garden before Christmas , did venture halfway up to the house , somewhat nervously . But , he didn't come any further , as he heard a noise from next door , which turned out to be the dog being let out into the garden , and immediately turned tail , and headed back to the bottom for cover , shame , as without the noise , he would have come much closer .
The cold and the overnight dusting of snow , brought all the usual birds to the feeders , and the male Greater Spotted Woodpecker seemed to be very partial to the seed/fat mixture , pressed into the drilled holes . Both male and female Blackcaps put in an appearance , as did several Rose Ringed Parakeets , and of course , the local Jackdaws came down in numbers , scaring everything else off . The Redwings and Fieldfares are still working their way through the cotoneaster berries , I reckon they will last about another week .
After visitors yesterday , I did manage to get out for a while this afternoon , and headed to Keston Ponds , wrong decision , as just about every family in the area seemed to be there , enjoying the Winter sunshine . I suppose I can't have it to myself all the time .


Warren Baker said...

Blackcaps and foxes, can't be bad for a new years day garden watch!

Wilma said...

You are off and running now ...

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
Thanks Fred, and the same to you
Nice Fox photo's, they seem to be in good condition. Some nice garden birds as well to start the year off.
I know what you mean about crowds, I can't wait for the kids to go back to school.

Anonymous said...

That`s one fine/healthy looking Fox, Greenie and smart pics they are too.
Once again, i`m green with envy.

Happy New Year to you too.

ShySongbird said...

A Very Happy and Healthy New Year to You and Your Family Greenie.

Lovely to see the Woodpecker, I long for one to visit my garden!

We used to have foxes in our garden, usually at night but I always knew they had been there by the smell on the air the next morning. Unfortunately some people down the road didn't enjoy being visited by them/it and got the council to 'do something'!! There are some very ignorant and misguided people about!

Steve said...

Happy New Year Fred! Even got out myself today. Smart red Head Smew at New Hythe