Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday 28th.March 2010

At last , the blog is back in full working order, and although I didn't get out today as I was collecting this laptop , which has 'cropping ability' , I am just posting , or re-posting cropped , a few of the recently taken shots .The female Kestrel , hunting at South Norwood Country Park .One of the 100/150 Curlews along the track at Elmley RSPB , Sheppey .One of the 3/5 Peregrines seen at Elmley and Capel Fleet .My first Wheatear of the year , a male along the track at Elmley . Two of the tree Brown hares seen at Elmley .The male Stonechat at the Reserve on Ashdown Forest .The Common Buzzard hunting over the Reserve at Ashdown Forest .

The male Chiffchaff , constantly calling up on the Common .
Hopefully , things will get back to normal now , fingers crossed .


Phil and Mandy said...

You have some superb photos there Greenie,keep up the good work.

Phil said...

Welcome back Greenie, glad you are up and running again. Great pics as ever.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Great ears on those hares. I read on another blog that he had only noticed the pattern when looking at his pics - today I saw it myself for the first time after 'looking' at hares for the best part of 45 years...just shows you how much there is still to learn about looking - great adder shots yesterday btw.



Wilma said...

Glad you have a computer again!

Warren Baker said...

Hello greenie! ''Things will be back to nomal now'' well, after this period of crap weather has passed.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie
Good to have you back. Hope your pleased with the laptop. Nice photo's, especially now that you have cropped them down. I ecpect the pictures will be coming thick and fast now.