Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Wednesday 3rd.March 2010

Yesterday and today working up on the Greensand Ridge were as different as chalk and cheese , with sunshine and warm temperatures yesterday , and a lot more cloud and a wind , with a keen edge to it today .
Yesterday was spent 'beating up hedges' , not thrashing them with a stick , but replacing plants that were planted last winter , but for some reason or another , didn't survive , lets hope the replacements do better . Only interest found , was an unexpected Green Sandpiper , that took off calling as we approached the ditch that it was in . When I got home , Carol told me that she had a Comma , sunbathing in the garden for about an hour in the afternoon . Like several species of butterflies , the Comma overwinters as an adult , and come out of hibernation when conditions are suitable . I also heard of two male Brimstones seen about midday , up on the Common .
Today was spent at several sites , but mainly clearing away the brash , left over from the last session of hedgelaying . Although cooler than yesterday , on a roadside bank , I found lots of Winter Heliotrope-Petasites fragrans , and alongside a small stream , it's relation Butterbur-Petasites hybridus , but this was just emerging into flower . In the same general area , I found my first Daffodil of the year in flower . A bit further along the lane , on a high bank , I found a beautiful mix if spring flowers . Crocus , Snowdrop , more Daffodils , but not open yet , and a large patch of yellow flowers that I thought were Lesser Celandine from a distance , but when I got up close , they were in fact Winter Aconite-Eranthis hyemalis , one of my favourites . Just before leaving the site , I came across my first Primrose-Primula vulgaris flower of the year . Of course it would be difficult to say whether all or any of these were truly wild flowers , but they certainly gave a lift to a dull day .


Warren Baker said...

I'd like to have a green sandpiper fly up from my patch! No wild flowers out here yet, not even any blackthorn blossom.

Phil said...

A very spring like post Greenie, more of the same would be most appreciated.

Anonymous said...

After that Greenie, there should be no qualms about you using the "S" word.

ShySongbird said...

How lovely Greenie! All those beautiful Spring flowers, things are definitely showing earlier where you are. I love them all but so nice to see my very favourite wild flower, the Primrose, my very favourite 'garden' flower the Daffodil and the lovely Winter Aconite which is always a joy to find.