Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wednesday 31st.March 2010

Today was absolutely awful . The whole day has been gloomy and constantly interspersed with showers , some really heavy , and never seemingly more than half an hour between them .
After taking Carol shopping , I have spent the rest of the day staring at the computer screen , finishing off the last of the shots that needed working on , and I'm really glad that job is finished . Needless to say , I didn't get out , so am just posting a few shots of the multitude that I have been trawling through .
Two of the 12+ Brown Rats that were around the feeding platform at South Norwood Country Park a few weeks ago . I must say that for wild animals , they did look very clean indeed .
One of several Marsh Harriers seen at Capel Fleet on the Isle of Sheppey during my visit . This one , a female , patrolling one of the many ditches on the lookout for a meal .
A male House Sparrow around the car park at Elmley RSPB , Sheppey .
A fine looking cock Pheasant that crossed my path , just before the Brown Hare , on the track at Elmley .One of a good number of Skylarks seen and heard that day . This one was feeding over the ditch from the track .One of only a handful of Redshank seen on the reserve that day . Usually they are much more numerous . Another of the many Curlews that were along the track , but took flight as soon as I got too near for their liking .A young female Fallow Deer , that I flushed from cover when I visited a small reserve on my way back from Ashdown Forest . And finally , our resident cock Robin , announcing to all , that our back garden is his territory .
Hopefully , tomorrow will be better , and I'll get away from this screen .


Dave J. said...

Hi Greenie
It would seem we have been photographing the same birds at Elmley, Curlew, Redshank and Snipe our paths must have closely crossed.
Apparently according to the grape vine you had computer problems, nice to see you have resolved the problem.
Good birding

Warren Baker said...

Well greenie, you didn't miss much by not getting out - it was abysmal!

Good job on the photo's by the way!

Phil said...

Nice pics Greenie, I like the Skylark, one of my favourites. I think you'll find tomorrow will be much better. Have a good day!

Kingsdowner said...

Are you pernickity about rats - they are ok if they are clean?
Perhaps you have a better class of rat up there?
Yes, it's horrible weather, and I feel so sorry for you retired people - hope it's better on the weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

Great photos Greenie.

As i type this, it`s lashing down & blowing a right hooley up here. Damn weather.

Anonymous said...

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