Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday 14th. January 2011

Yet another grim , grey , horrible morning and most of the afternoon too , had me working on recently taken photographs , with just the occasional look out of the back bedroom window . The scene was usually empty when I did so , but one look produced a beautiful pair of Coal Tits , making the most of the quiet time at the feeders . Again , the light conditions didn't do them justice , but they certainly cheered up my day . Just before they left for what was to be the last time , I thought that one of them had an elongated bill , but , on closer inspection , the extension proved to be a Sunflower kernel . The bird must have been taking it for a midnight snack . The whole time the pair were flitting constantly from feeders to adjacent perches and back , one of the garden's resident Dunnocks just sat watching everything from the Pyracantha bush .
I also did some work in the garage , and after reading on Warren's / Pittswood Birds blog that Snowdrops were about to open in his garden , I had a wander down before the light went , for a look in ours . Sure enough , the Snowdrops have burst bud and look as if they could open very soon . I also had a look at the Crocuses , and they too are showing well above ground level .And finally , the only interest found working up on the Greensand Ridge on Tuesday ,
Witches Butter-Exidia glandulosa .


Warren Baker said...

We WILL talk up spring Greenie. :-)

Witches Butter ! Thats a fantastic name :-) :-)

Ken. said...

Hi Greenie.
Well done with the Coal Tits. There a great little bird.
Have a good weekend.

Wilma said...

Snow drops! How wonderful. We still have 20+ inches of snow on the ground. :-(