Saturday, 29 January 2011

Saturday 29th. January 2011

Because I had been out all day for the last four days , many things at home were stacking up , so I didn't get out today , instead , caught up with most of the outstanding chores , and did maintainace of my hedgelaying tools , ready for Tuesday and Wednesday next week , given that I hope to be heading for Dungeness on Monday , weather permitting .
I also spent more time processing the 348 Waxwing shots that I took yesterday . Speaking of which , I neglected to mention last post that not long after the Common Buzzard sighting , a Peregrine did a low fly through , no doubt hoping for a Waxwing breakfast . Mid afternoon , we also had a sighting of a male Blackcap .
Apologies now to anyone fed up with Waxwing shots , but I am posting a few of the unusual shots , and a couple of my favourites , that I have found amongst the many , just with a caption to each , linked to the text of yesterday's post :
One of the many 'smash and grab raids' on the Privet berries .
One of my favourites . 'Let me at them Privet berries' .I'm posting this shot for a fellow blogger , I hope he likes it !One of the acrobatic immature birds .Close up of those fabulous colours , with the red spots of 'wax' , from which they are named .
Soaking up the the brief warmth of the late afternoon sun .
Right , that's it with the Waxwing shots , unless of course , another flock turns up !


Phil and Mandy said...

terrific shots Greenie

Warren Baker said...

I'd fill my boots with Waxwing shots too Greemie, given the chance. Lovely birds.

Adam said...

Wow - some class shots there Greenie, and sunshine to boot, and a good couple of results for the Villa - it's all looking up!


ShySongbird said...

Wow!! I miss a day and find you have been immersed in Waxwings. I am so envious, it seems everyone has seen some except for me :( Really lovely photos on this post and yesterday's Greenie and a very good read on both too!

Kingsdowner said...

Great stuff - we'll miss'em whne they're gone.

Have a good trip to Dunge but wrap up well - I went today and it was a bit nippy.