Saturday, 28 January 2012

Saturday 28th. January 2012

Had to stay in this morning for a delivery , and , what a surprise , it didn't turn up . And so , with the best part of the day over as regards weather , grey clouds once again rolled in . So anything I saw today was to be out of the back bedroom window or the back garden . Early on the 3/4 Fieldfares that have been seen on next door's Cotoneaster berries , which are being devoured quite quickly now ,
 turned up for their breakfast , but as usual , sat for a long time in the trees above the berries to make sure there was no danger , or persons with cameras around . Eventually , these birds gained
confidence and dropped down to gorge on the ripe berries . Some of the Cotoneaser bush is obscured by a conifer , and being further away and out of view of the houses , a popular area for the birds to drop down and feed out of view , so I never really know how many are feeding at any given time . It
wasn't long before more calls could be heard and more birds joined the initial few . I can only think that one of them 'tweeted' , as even more birds arrived . As the earlier arrivals had done the looking bit , these later arrivals flew straight into the Cotoneaster and started eating the berries . I would estimate that there were 25-30 birds at any one time on the bush , but the most I could manage to get
in one frame was 12 . The first shot was the only one I managed from the garden , before being spotted , and all the birds flying off .
Whilst at the window , I also did the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch , and with the Fieldfares , which
flew over our garden to get to the berries , finished up with 17 species .Finches were well represented
with Goldfinch , Chaffinch and a species that has been in decline recently , but four of which turned
up to be counted on the day , Greenfinch . Of course , as is usual with this count , after the hour was up several other species showed themselves , and I'm sure some of them were sniggering .


Warren Baker said...

Still a few well laden cotoneasters in the bigger gardens here Greenie, not many Fieldfares yet though, dogs and kids keeping them off!!

Marc Heath said...

I have seen a total of 1 Fieldfare this year in the Reculver area, a bit of a rarity at the moment. Some nicew shots captured there.

Mike H said...

Another good blog Greenie with some fine photos to boot. 17 species is very good I only managed 15 and thought I did well.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photo of the Goldfinch, Greenie! I think my list will give a very false view as a lot of my most regular visitors didn't show up during the count.... I'm sure they do it to be awkward ;-)

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