Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday 22nd. January 2012

Three days of hedgelaying , finishing yesterday with the Surrey Group , and at least one and a bit more days next week , was definitely showing this morning , but at least just one of days was wet , which was a result , and yesterday was almost barmy in the sunshine . Whilst catching up with some chores in the garden this morning I heard the 'chak-chak' of Fieldfares in the surrounding area , and heard them again whilst I was sharpening and servicing my hedgelaying tools . With those chores finished , I took a cup of coffee up to the back bedroom window , and it wasn't long before five Fieldfares appeared in the trees above the Cotoneaster bush next door . They flew off a couple of
times being very wary of any sound or movement , but did eventually come down to feed on the
berries , albeit in very gloomy conditions . I got a few shots from the back window , but decided to
try and get nearer , in the back garden . I managed to get about halfway down the garden , when one of the birds gave a call , and that was the last I saw of them . After lunch , I made a short visit to a very windy Hayes Farm . The Gull flock , made up mainly of Black-headed with the odd Common ,
seemed very nervous in the conditions , lifting and settling back continuously . A very windswept Trout Fishery once again didn't produce much interest , apart from 3 Little Grebe and the white farm
Geese . On the return journey , a Rose Ringed Parakeet managed to find one of the very few sunny periods , high in an Oak . Heard before they were seen , were two Egyptian Geese , heading for the
Trout Fishery . I only managed to get one shot through trees , but I like the way it turned out . Which is more than I can say for Blogger , as this short post has taken ages to write , and once again , am finding that I cannot comment on some other blogs , just getting a white screen instead of the comments page .


ShySongbird said...

I do like that last photo Greenie! You couldn't have done that if you had tried, well I know I couldn't ;-)

Lovely to have the Fieldfares in the garden and lovely photos of them. I only seem to get the Winter Thrushes in mine when there is snow on the ground.

I dont think the comment problem is yours. From what I can gather it is bloggers with the embedded comment box who are having the problem. I suggested to a couple of people that I had heard they should try changing to the pop up type box and they have said it has worked. Blogger can be a real pain sometimes!

Mike H said...

Hi greenie,

Great up date as always and love that Egyptian Goose shot. Have heard that using Google Chrome can help the comments /blog problem but as a non blogger its only what I've been reading on others.

Rob said...

I'm a google chrome user, Greenie, and it does seem to work better than whatever I had before.

Don't go too barmy in that sunshine!

Alan Pavey said...

Nice post as ever Greenie, hope you sort out your blogger probs soon, it can be very frustrating.

Warren Baker said...

As Rob says Greenie try another browser, it only take minutes to download, it cured all my probs :-)

I also like the Goose shot by the way :-)