Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday 29th. January 2012

This morning was grey , misty , dank and any other adjective that could be thrown at it , but it is nearly February , so I suppose we must accept the conditions . We decided to get the monthly shop out of the way whilst conditions were bad , but even before we left , the Fieldfares we around for their breakfast .
Fourteen in the frame this time , but once again the total was nearer 25 . This shot has been lightened to be able to see the birds and that also made the sky lighter . It was nearly lunchtime before we got
back , and about the same number were still around . Again I tried to get out into the garden to get closer , and again I was thwarted , and left with nothing in the viewfinder . After lunch , I concealed myself half way down the garden in the hope that the flock would turn up . They didn't , and as it got very close to things dropping off with the cold , I went on a tour of the berried trees on the estate . To my surprise , I didn't see a single Winter Thrush , and the berries on the trees seem untouched compared to the Cotoneaster next door . On getting back home , I was putting the camera away ,
when a pair of Rose-ringed Parakeets landed in the Laburnum tree next door and started feeding on the seeds . After a good feed on the seeds , the pair flew down to the Cotoneaster , presumably for desert . The pair got stuck into the berries , so I tried again to get closer , and this time managed to
get behind a conifer without being seen . The game plan was obviously to rip off a bunch of berries with the bill , then transfer the bunch to the feet , and then wok through the bunch at leisure . Once
that bunch was finished it was just a matter of ripping off another bunch . The other one of the pair
was more dainty ,  just taking one berry at a time . And the Fieldfares , I never did get another sighting all afternoon .


Marc Heath said...

Love them or hate them, they are here to say. Some nice shots well captured.

Alan Pavey said...

I'm thinking the Parakeets could be one of the next new birds at Sissinghurst, nice shots Greenie

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos Greenie. Your stalking skills paid off with the Parakeets at least. They do look very attractive with the berries.

Warren Baker said...

Ive yet to see a RNP with a wok Greenie :-)

I didn't get this species on my list last year, maybe this year will be luckier