Saturday, 10 May 2014

Saturday 10th. May 2014

On a wet and very windy day , a picture catch up on recent outings . 
At Hutchinsons Bank , 8/10 Glanville Fritillary on the wing during sunny periods , including at least 2 females , like the upper specimen pictured . 
Still lots of Brimstone around , more males than females .
This male managed to go to ground with a female , but with her abdomen pointing upwards , he had no chance of mating with her , after 10 minutes , he gave up . 
Found on the same visit , Cream-spot Ladybird , with the brilliant name Calvia quatuordecimguttata . 
On the way home , Martin showed me the larva of the White-letter Hairstreak butterfly feeding on Elm at Chapel Bank . A first for me , thanks very much Martin . 
An afternoon transect at High Elms LNR , produced nine species including my first Common Blue , a male , 
 and 4 Green Hairstreak , 2 of which were egg laying females .
In Beech woodland , 5 Birdsnest Orchids / Neottia nidus-avis , another first for the year . 
 On the Orchid Bank , many of the Common Twayblade are in full flower ,
also another Fly Orchid / Ophrys insectifera , but no sign of the 2 Man Orchids , no doubt eaten by the local rabbits , 
and in the woodland above the Orchid Bank , my first White Helleborine /Cephalanthera damasonium of the year , yet to come into flower . 
Walking back alongside the golf course , several newly emerged Red and Black Leafhoppers / Cercopis vulnerata . 

Along the bridlepath , lots of Common Vetch / Vicia sativa , using it's tendrils to raise itself above the surrounding vegetation .
And finally , one of the proud parents from the bottom of the garden , waiting it's turn to pop in and feed the family .


Warren Baker said...

More Brimstones in your photo than I get to see here all spring!

Marc Heath said...

Great selection Greenie, some quality bits and bobs seen on your visit.

Phil said...

Nice variety and nice pics again Greenie. I'm still not connecting with some of the butterfly species. But still not getting out much for all the usual reasons!

Alan Pavey said...

Those Glanvilles catch the eye again Greenie. We've had good numbers of Brimstone here but not managed to see that many together at the same time, nice.

roger.wood800 said...

Lovely to meet you
I did actually see a Small Blue - just one - a little bit later, down by the lower gate for Slimming's Down.
I also had a sighting of a Martin!