Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tuesday 13th. May 2014

Another picture catch up from visits to Sevenoaks Reserve , Spring Park Pond and Hutchinson's Bank
Seen from Slingsby Hide , this was the second of four Garden Warblers seen / heard at Sevenoaks . The first just heard in the viewing ramp area of East Lake , this one which eventually moved out
more in the open , the third on the edge of the small meadow alongside Long Lake , and finally ,  the
bird with the ring , probably the one I photographed last visit , still in the area behind Willow Hide .
Too far really for the lens , but this Gt.Crested Grebe was having one hell of a time trying to get a

good sized fish down . As can be seen , it eventually managed to do so , I'm surprised it didn't sink .
As well as Azure , Common Blue and Large Red Damselflies , a few Blue-tailed , like this male ,
a couple of immature Red-eyed Damselfly . Although both sexes are almost identical at this stage , the short antehumeral stripes can just be on the top of the thorax , behind the eyes making it a female.

and a female Broad-bodied Chaser . Although both sexes are the same colour as immatures , the short , stubby anal appendages says female .
Looking like a small Crane Fly , this turned out to be another member of the Diptera family , Ptychoptera contaminate , and unfortunately no common name , but interesting spurs on legs .
On the same area of nettle , the hoverfly Helophilus pendulus .
Still very little Odonata at Spring Park Pond , but these two Large Red Damselfly seemed to be getting it together .
Around the pond , there seemed to be an explosion of Red-tipped Flower Beetle or Malachite Bettle / Malachius bipustulatus ,
but I don't think this pair of Forest Bug / Pentatoma rufipes noticed . Many thanks to Rob for correcting the ID of the pair - Dock Bugs / Coreus marginatus .
Found on the same Oak tree as I headed back to the car , Cherry Gall , the work of the larvae of the gall wasp Diplolepis quercusfolii ,
and the more commonly found Marble Gall , the work of the gall wasp Andricus kollari .
My arrival on Hutchinson's Bank this morning coincided with a down turn in the weather . Two Glanville Fritillaries were seen but with the sun going and the rain starting , they went to roost . But
at least the dull conditions provided a chance to get the Grizzled Skipper underwing , as it too waited for the rain to stop .


Warren Baker said...

The Garden warbler with the ring is one of the birds I encountered Greenie ;-)

Forest Bug! So thats what they are, loads of them here! :-)

Marianne said...

The GW I photographed yesterday was ringed as well. I'm impressed that you managed to get good pics of two different individuals, I struggled to get even one. You did much better in the Odonata department as well. Beautiful shot of the Grizzled Skipper, even though it looks a bit fed up.

Rob said...

Those aren't Forest Bugs I'm afraid. They're Dock Bugs (Coreus marginatus).