Sunday, 21 December 2008

Sunday 21st. December 2008

So , the sun finally rose on the dawn of the day of ' The big erection at Pittswood' .
But , enough of that , it wasn't happening until after lunch .
The big question of the morning was , will the male Brambling put in an appearance . Once the food was put out , it was long before the Finches started zeroing in from all directions . At one stage , the Laburnum tree next door and the feeders in our garden , held a count of over 25 Goldfinches . Chaffinches on the ground and on feeders , exceeded that number . Greenfinches were more numerous than of late , with a count of 11 . Collared Doves (6) , Woodpigeon (5) . Starling (9) , Coal Tit (1) , Robin (2) , Jackdaw (7) , Dunnock (2) , Blackcap-male (1) , Rose Ringed Parakeet (4) , Blackbird (3) , Song Thrush-singing (1) , Blue Tit (2) , Great Tit (2) , Wren (1) , Magpie (3) , Carrion Crow (1) and Redwing - in the Cotoneaster (2) , all put in an appearance , but the Brambling did not .
Disappointed , I got the few bits and pieces together for 'The erection' , and left a bit early , to call into Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve / Kent wildlife Trust , site on the way . I didn't have long , but managed a quick look around , and came to the conclusion that there a lot of Lapwings and Black Headed Gulls about . Grey Heron , Cormorant , Tufted Duck , Pochard and Coot , were also seen .
A couple of the more common species , and one less common , were seen around the feeders behind the Visitor Centre .

On leaving Sevenoaks , I made my way to Pittswood for the alotted time , and 'The erection' began . I won't say too much , but , when it was in place , to my mind , two words came into the frame . One was 'dog's' and the other was 'swingers' .


Kingsdowner said...

A bit of anatomical confusion, surely?
But we're glad that your erection went up OK (no photos please).

Ken said...

Hi greenie.
Just for a change, no comments about the birds.
All I would like to say is it was a good job you went as it sounds as if they couldn't have dont it without you. Perhaps you was a monkey in a previous life.
Well done to you all.