Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Wednesday 31st. December 2008

Before going visiting this morning , and in terrible light conditions , the 'chak-chak' of the Fieldfares sounded closer than other days .
From the back bedroom window , I could see three of them , on surrounding trees , making sure the coast was clear .
Eventually , they came closer and chased off the three Redwings that had been feeding on the berries .
Once sure of their safety , they got 'stuck in' and had a good feed . I thought they would stay around , and secreted myself amongst the shrubs once they had finished their first sorti .
Half an hour later , they were nowhere to be seen , not even heard , and I was frozen stiff . I returned to the back bedroom window , by the radiator , but they didn't show . A cousin of theirs did put in appearance on the garage roof , before decending to the path for a good helping of raisins .



Warren Baker said...

A Happy new Year To You Greenie! Surely those beeries will get you a Waxing next year.
PS. Snap with the thrush!

Adam said...

Happy New Year Greenie! Adam

Ken said...

Same here Greenie.
Happy New Year

Steve said...

Happy New Year Fred