Friday, 23 January 2009

Friday 23rd. January 2009

Once the morning deluge abated , I took myself off for a local walk . I thought I would try again , to see if the Stonechats were around . In one of the large fields , I had good views of a pair of Mistle Thrush , feeding on the ground . Two Rose Ringed Parakeets were in the Walnut tree near the farmhouse , and another two were in the Oak tree at the dog-leg in the bridleway .
All was still as I got to the area where I saw the two Stonechat nearly a week ago now and even after spending some time scouring the adjacent hedges and fencelines , there was no sign , probably moved on .
It wasn't a wasted journey though , because as I walked on further , in the field on the right , I came across my first lambs of the year . There were five ewes , each with a singleton offspring . A sixth ewe was a good distance away , looking as if she was to become a mother at any time .
The main flock of sheep had been taken off the last field I saw them in , probably because it was like a bog , and were tightly grouped in another , drier field .
Not a lot else was seen apart from the occassional Corvid , Finch and Tit . As I walked through the wood on the way home , as Warren said the other day , the Bluebells are pushing through well , and the Lesser Celandine is in leaf , but as yet , no flowers .
Still no camera , but a day hedgelaying near Dorking tomorrow , who knows ?


Ken said...

Hi Greenie.
Do you get Ring Necked Parakeets actually in your garden?
That's the earliest I have heard of, or seen Lambs this year. Well done.Pity about the stonechat's.

Warren Baker said...

I hope that camera is going to be ready soon Greenie - the lights getting better, and things will be springing into life soon!