Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sunday 25th.January 2009

Having spent yesterday's beautiful weather hedgelaying below the Downs in deepest Surrey , it meant that the Garden Birdwatch was done in absolute foul conditions this morning .
Needless to say , as in previous years , the final list did not do justice to the normal visitor's list on the average day . Seven bankers did not put in an appearance . Blue , Great and Coal Tit , Wren , Goldfinch , Magpie and Gt.Spotted Woodpecker all decided to eat elsewhere this morning . Having had counts of 30+ Chaffinch , today was really low .
Twelve species decided to dine here during the one hour watch , they were :
Blackbird 4 , Chaffinch 7 , Collared Dove 3 , Robin 2 , Greenfinch 1 , Jackdaw 7 ( one with a metal ring on left leg ) , Rose Ringed Parakeet 1 , Feral Pigeon 2 , Dunnock 1 , Song Thrush 1 , Woodpigeon 2 , and the star turn , a Goldcrest , which posed nicely on the feeders , if you had a camera to take the photo .
In answer to Ken's question on my last post , the Rose Ringed Parakeets are regular visitors to the garden and feeders . Today's one was feeding on the Sunflower hearts . Several gardens have feeders in the vicinity , and the largest count of Rose Ringed Parakeets was 17 in the garden next but one to us , about 2/3 years ago .

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Ken said...

Hi Greenie.
Glad to hear yo did the garden watch today. I have just been comparing all our spots, and what the differences are, makes good reading. Thanks for answering my question.