Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sunday 4th.January 2009

After all yesterday's excitement , it was back to reality today . The Cotoneaster supermarket is still holding on , but will probably closing before next weekend . Unless of course , a flock of Waxwings turn up , and clear it out in one go . Today , Redwing numbers rose to five , and the regular Fieldfare was in close attendance for most of the day .Whilst watching the Thrushes , it was interesting to see the Finches visiting the Cotoneaster , not for the berries , but seemingly getting moisture from the part thawed frost on the leaves . Even though we put out fresh water several times today , it frosted over almost instantly , so hopefully the frost gave them sufficient moisture . Also visiting several times each day are the male and female Gt. Spotted Woodpecker , they really have taken a liking to the joint fat / seed , pressed into the holes in the log . Before lunch , Carol and I visited Beckenham Cemetery at Elmers End , to visit my parents grave and also for a walk around the adjacent South Norwood Country Park . After visiting the grave , we decided to just do a walk within the Cemetery as it was so cold . It was surprising how many species we found in just a 20 minute walk . The list consisted of 2 Green Woodpecker , a flock of about 15 Redwings feeding alongside the tram tracks , 3 Song Thrush , several Blackbird - both ours and foreign , Pheasant , Magpie , Jay , Carrion Crow , a good sized Blue , Great and Long Tailed Tit flock , 2 Wren and of course several Rose Ringed Parakeets . I'm sure there were other species to be found , but Carol was getting cold , so it was back to the car . As I had the camera with me , I took a few shots of the more well known resident's graves . The first was the inventor of the flushing toilet , Thomas Crapper .
The second , that of the man who saved Winchester Cathedral .
Apparently , over a period of six years , working six hours a day in total darkness , in depths of up to 6mtrs. , he packed the foundations with 25,000 bags of concrete ,115,000 concrete blocks , and 900,000 bricks , thus saving the Cathedral from collapse . I intended to post W.G.Grace's - one of England's most famous cricketer's grave as well , but I couldn't find it and Carol was turning blue .


Warren Baker said...

I took my wife out to migrant alley yesterday afternoon ( i know, i do spoil her at times) despite the sunshine, she said she was cold, and an early departure was enforced on me!
They don't make 'em like they used to!!

Greenie said...

Warren ,
You give them nice surroundings , fresh air , an interest , conversation , and all you get is the 'cold' word .
I honestly can't see where we are going wrong .
I take it your missus doesn't read your blog either !