Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Wednesday 7th. January 2009

After putting out the birdfood , I watched eagerly for another sighting of the Redpoll . Far fewer Finches descended onto the path compared to yesterday , and the Redpoll was not to be seen . Later on , I went out for a walk , naked , well not actually naked , but feeling naked without my camera strapped around my waist . The sooner that comes back the better .
Yesterday I posted the flyover of Lapwing , saying I hadn't seen any locally for some time . Today , as I walked along the footpath through Rouse Farm , in amongst the Sheep were three Lapwing feeding on the ground , and five minutes later , a fourth flew over , heading to join the other three .
Around the livery stables at Nash , normally a good Winter Thrush site , things were really quiet . Most of the Corvids put in an appearance , and in the bottom horse paddock a flock of 50+ Woodpigeon were feeding on the ground .
The odd Blackbird , Finch , Tit , Wren and the inevitable Rose Ringed Parakeets , broke up the walk nicely .
As I made my way up the footpath towards the top of Jackass Lane , I could see something on the ground in the middle of the footpath . As I got closer , it didn't move , but I was still unsure what exactly it was . By the time I got up to it , it was obviously a Pigeon , at first I thought Stock Dove but then changed my mind . The poor thing looked on it's last legs , and made no effort to move , even when I was right over it . It was all puffed up and looking decidedly iffy . I couldn't just leave it there to die , so I picked it up , and noticed a ring on one leg with GB and a number printed on it . A racing Pigeon , not a wild bird , but it's ancestors were , and it didn't deserve to die of exposure in the middle of nowhere . I had woollen gloves on , so holding over the wings and under the breast , I started on my way home , with the intention of dropping it off at a lady who looks after sick/injured birds for the RSPCA . Jackass Lane was like a skating rink not having been gritted , and I could have done with my arms by my sides in case of a slip , but instead , they were both out in front of me . The looks from drivers as they passed me were something to behold . The bird was getting warmth from my gloved hands , but it kept closing it's eyes , probably napping , but still worrying .
As if I didn't have enough to deal with , as I got to the junction of Jackass Lane and Fox Hill , I was confronted with a torrent raging down Fox Hill and flooding Gates Green Road , just a lane with very few drains , and my route home . The splashes from passing cars onto the roadside hedge , reminded me of the shot Warren posted the other day . Fortunately I had my walking boots on and the thick soles kept my feet out of the worst of the water . The flooding continued for a good half mile , before reaching civilisation and roadside drains .
Eventually , I arrived at the lady's house , and she was out . So I put the bird in the cat's basket , put in a bowl of water and a bowl of the birdfood we put out on the path , puy the basket on a table in the garage and put a sheet over the top and sides and left the bird alone .
I contacted the Racing Pigeon Club and reported it found , but haven't heard back further .
The bird has eaten well and will hopefully have a better night in the garage than on the footpath .If the owner comes forward he can take it , if not once rested and fed/watered , I'll release it . At least the temperature is on the way up .
The Cotoneaster shrub will probably close down tomorrow , just enough for breakfast I'd say .


Warren Baker said...

Well done greenie! Glad you weren't naked though.

Ken said...

Hi Greenie. Your a big softy at heart, although aren't we all when it comes to animals. I hope you find out more about the pigeon. If you do will you put it on here. I for 1 would like to know.I too found a racing pigeon once at Dunge of all places. This one had a metal ring on one leg and a orange plastic type on the other, this one was dead. I tried to trace it but no luck.