Monday, 15 June 2009

Monday 15th.June 2009

Had family visiting this afternoon , so only had this morning to get out , so headed off early to Fackenden Down near Shoreham , Kent
It's now late evening , so this post is going to be shorter than I would have liked , because I had another good day .
Reptiles started off very well , with an immature female Adder under the first refugia , and two immature males under the second . With a start like that , I thought I was going to be on for a record day , but it wasn't to be . I did find one more immature and two adult Adders , making six in total , which still made it a good visit . No Grass Snakes were recorded , but 17 Slow Worms , fewer than usual , were , including this unusual speckled specimen .
Butterflies started very slowly , but on one of the refugia , I found this newly emerged specimen , trying to warm up in the watery sunshine . At the far end of the reserve , I found my first Ringlet of the year , which was followed by another 10 before I left the site . On the track at the bottom of the site , A particularly fragrant Dogwood bush , in full flower had attracted several species of butterflies , including a very fresh looking Small Tortoiseshell , only my 2nd. or 3rd. this year . Another year first in the shape of a Small Skipper , turned up a little further along the track . As can be seen , it is smaller and does not have the marbling on the wing of the Large Skipper . A few Painted Ladies were still about , some looking very worn , but some , like this one , still looking pretty good . As the sun started to get through , several Burnet moths , took to the wing , but I did manage to find this one that hadn't yet fully warmed up .
By the end , 11 species had been recorded as follows , Brown Argus (2) , Speckled Wood (1) , Painted Lady (4) , Meadow Brown (32) , Large Skipper (16) , Ringlet (11) , Small Tortoiseshell (1) , Small Blue (4) , Common Blue (10) , Small Heath (3) and Small Skipper (1) . Apart from the Burnet moths , Burnet Companion and Yellow Shell were also recorded .
Birdwise , Yellowhammer , Cuckoo - calling and seen , Blackcap , Chiffchaff and I'm pleased to say that the Common Whitethroat that has greeted me on most visits , now has a young family .
Tomorrow , Reptile and Dormouse survey , up on the Greensand Ridge .


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
What a impressive list. A great species list of Butterflies. What I wouldn't give to see some of those. I especialy like the picture of the Small Skipper. Is that a 6 Spotted Burnet Moth?
Glad you had some nice weather.

Greenie said...

Ken ,
Yes , that is the Six Spot Burnet moth .
Luckily , I was well home before the heavens opened .

Kingsdowner said...

Good to see the summer butterflies emerging, as the late spring ones fade away.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Greenie,
Your pics are getting better and better! I like that fresh Speckled wood.