Monday, 22 June 2009

Monday 22nd. June 2009

Knowing that the next two days are going to be spent working in our yard , up on the Greensand Ridge , I decided to do the full butterfly transect at High Elms today , which wasn't a bad idea when I started , but by halfway through , the sun disappeared behind the clouds , and the numbers recorded nosedived .
I suppose 10 species over two and a half hours wasn't bad , but apart from Meadow Brown (169) - which included several freshly emerged females , larger and bright orange colour on the forewing- pictured , and Ringlet (94) , the other species were all in single figures . Painted Ladies (7) are still around , and still moving fast . Skippers made a reasonable showing , with Small (6) and Large (4) , including a female with no sex brand , dark line , on the upper wing - pictured , which is the first that I have recorded on Burnt Gorse . I also relocated the Marbled White posted yesterday , still on his own . Common Blue (5) , were all in a very tatty condition . Just two Whites , with a single Large and Small , both on the Orchid Bank . It was there that I also recorded a Hornet , but it was busily feeding and didn't stop at all . Day flying moths recorded were 6 Spot Burnet and Burnet Companion .Flower wise , I found my first flowering Marjoram of the season , and also , the Field Scabious are coming into flower . Noticeably less birdsong was heard on the way round today , and birds of note , heard/seen were , Chiffchaff , a pair of Bullfinches ,Nuthatch , Coal Tit , Goldfinch , what I think was a recently fledged Blackcap - pictured , badly as it just wouldn't stay still , ( apparently not so , Warren tells me that it would have a brown cap if newly fledged , Cheers Warren ) and not forgetting the Rose Ringed Parakeets .
When I got home , Carol had found another female Stag Beetle , or the same one again , I'm not sure . It had fallen on it's back just before I arrived , so I got a shot before righting it . How could anything walk on those legs ? I then put it on a post and took this shot before leaving the poor thing alone .


Warren Baker said...

Not a total loss for you greenie. my patch is hard work at the best of times, without the cloudy conditions.

PS Newly fledged Blackcaps have a ''brown'' cap. ;-)

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie. Nice female Stag Beetle pictures.
Yes warren is right, juvenile Blackcaps do have a brown cap like the female.