Saturday, 6 June 2009

Sunday 7th.June 2009

Well , after much scratching of head and thumping the table , and with a lot of help from other people , the blog is up and running again . In case the same thing happens to any other Blogger , I shall try to explain the effect and the cause . Whilst trying to upload a picture to Blogger , a red message came up saying that I had 'exceeded my photo upload quota' . When attempting to upload using the icon right of the spellcheck one , another window opens to select and upload the picture . Just right of the orange 'upload image' button is some text with a % of storage space used . Mine was at 99% , hence I could no longer upload to Blogger . To try and resolve this , I deleted my first 50 posts from when I started , but it made no difference . I tried archiving and tried to just show my last 50 posts , but that was not possible . Finally I posted a question on the Help Forum , and got the answer , thanks to a kind reader . Blogger holds the text , but uses Picasa Web Albums to store the photos . So by deleting those 50 posts , all I did was delete the text , but the pictures still stayed in my Picasa album . This morning , I went into the album , which contained some 2,250 odd pictures , and deleted the oldest album of 500 pictures . Now when I attempt to upload , my storage usage is 77% , and am able to post again - Shame some might say .
Anyway , we are out doing family things today , but it gives a chance to post a few pictures from my last post text .

The Common Buzzard and the Hobby , having their barney .
Common Fumitory found in a set aside field .
The tattiest Common Blue that I have ever seen . The very poisonous Henbane , contains narcotic drug called hyoscine . Skylark over Poppies in wheat field . Anf finally , the moth that I tried to describe , about 3cm. long . With the weather , I've spent quite some time trying to identify this one , but have been totally unsuccessful .
Since posting , the moth has been identified by Dean as a Blackneck - many thanks Dean .


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you got it sorted in the end, Greenie.
BTW, your moth is a Blackneck. Often disturbed from grassland at this time of year.

fishing guy said...

Greenie: You really do have neat shots from nature. I wanted to see the person who reminded him of a stinky fungus.

Warren Baker said...

Welcome back greenie, i'll have to check my photo usage.

I see Fishing guy found you after my reference to you om my blog!!

Warren Baker said...

Hey Greenie just checked my percentage, ive used 49%. how do I get to the old pics when it comes time to dlete some ?

Greenie said...

Warren ,
opens your account . Sign in .
Fill in 3 questions .
Next page will reveal all your photos in albums of 500 .
At 49% you should have 2 full albums of 500 each and a few in a third . I just deleted the the oldest album .

Anonymous said...

That Henbane does have a deathly look about it.
Changed your header photo too, I think - nice one.
Good job with the picasa problem solving.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
Nice picture of the Common Blue. I cannot believe it is able to fly in that condition.
Thanks for the info on Blog pictures

Kingsdowner said...

I'm sorry that you had to be the one to find out about the picture limit, but well done for resolving the problem.
Does this mean that we can't just keep on blogging until the end of the world?

Kingsdowner said...

Damn, I'm at 91%!
And I only upload condensed pictures.
Looks like I've got some work to do.
Or maybe I could just set up a new account .....mwah mwah mwahh!