Saturday, 20 June 2009

Saturday 20th.June 2009

Only had an hour to get out today , so I decided to head for Salt Box Hill , below Biggin Hill Airport . The reason was twofold . Had any Marbled Whites emerged yet ? , and as next weekend is the Biggin Hill Air Show , I won't be able to get anywhere near the place .
As usual , when I arrive at a site looking for butterflies , the sun went in , but I carried on with my usual transect , and in the conditions , found most of the butterflies recorded , deep in the vegetation . Eight species were recorded , with as expected , Meadow Brown (62) , and Ringlet (49) , being the most numerous . Large Skipper came in a good third (13) , and only Common Blue (2) , managed more than a singleton . Those singletons were Speckled Wood , Large White , Comma and for the second day running , Dark Green Fritillary . I usually record one or two of this species either here , or over the hill in the next valley on West Kent Golf Course . When I first saw it , it was nectaring on Welted Thistle , and showing it's green underwing well . Later , I managed to photograph it on Greater Burdock , of the Dandelion and Burdock fame . I felt pleased to have got two shots of this specimen , as to say it didn't stay still for long , was an understatement . Needless to say , I didn't find any Marbled Whites , so unless I am passing before Friday , they will have to wait till after the Air Show .
6 Slow Worms were found under various peices of material , layed in the grass .
When I got home , Carol told me that she had had two Red Admirals in the garden whilst I was out , and if I moved a pot , down by the pond there would be something to photograph . I moved the pot and found a female Stag Beetle , and placed her on the path to get better definition . Identified as a female by the small jaws , that surprisingly give a stronger nip than the larger antlers of the male . What can look more prehistoric than that ? I cannot be sure , but it would be nice if she was one of the grubs we found last year in the bench support , that we moved to the bottom of the garden . I looked under the bench seat , but found no grubs , but a lot of the wood is missing , with the seat basically being supported by the bark of the log supports .


Warren Baker said...

A good butterfly count Greenie, though I suspect not for you !

''What could look more pre-historic'' Well.........naaaa, I couldn't say!

Thanks for making my day with the brown argus ID, a never before seen butterfly, and it was on my patch, found by me!!!!!!!!!

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie. I see you have been helping Warren out again. What a good ol boy you are. Nice butterfly photo's and as Warren says, a good count. Great female Stag beetle pictues.
Also Greenie I will tell you a story. I thought I would look into this place called Fackenden Down that I have been reading about. I looked it up and found that it is only 30 minutes from me, so a few days ago I ask Pam to run me up there, and what did I see? Nothing,why? Because I was putting some things in the car before we left, and I asked Pam to put a certain thing in for me, but she forgot. What was it? it was only one of my crutches. It wasn't until we got there and I got out that I realised that I only had one crutch.All we could do was return home as I cannot manage without 2.I don't know who felf worse, me for not checking, or Pam for forgetting to put it in the car.Never mind, it looks a great place for wildlife so we wil be returning soon.
Have a good weekend.