Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday 12th.February 2010

Just a quick post before heading off to do some hedgelaying in the West Country tomorrow , stopping overnight in Cirencester .
This morning had a real feeling of 'deja vous' about it , as following Simon's postng last night that the Jack Snipe had been seen again in Mote Park , Maidstone . Mind you , I was having second thoughts as I neared the M25 , to find a swirling blizzard and fog . Hoping I would run out of the weather as I headed East , I continued , knowing that I only had till midday to try again for the two species that I missed out on last week .
Luckily , the weather did indeed improve from Wrotham Hill onwards , and by the time I reached the park , it was dry underfoot . More importantly , the water level in the old pond behind the waterfall was as normal , compared to the raised level last week .
Getting there at about 8.30 , I managed to get variable views of Water Rail for about 15/20 minutes , before it disappeared up the gully . Searched the vegetation , without luck for the Jack Snipe , till along came Simon , heading to meet a group for a guided tour of the park , and within seconds , he had found it . I must admit , that if I had searched all day , I wouldn't have spotted it , oh for sharp young eyes again . I'm glad to say , the Snipe was still in situ when Simon and his group arrived , and they too were very pleased to see the rarity . I stayed till midday , but apart from moving it's head position , it stayed well tucked up in the dead vegetation .
Many thanks to Simon ( Mote Park - A Wildlife Patchwork ) again for his information and 'young eyes' .


Simon said...

I'm so pleased you managed to see the Jack Snipe - its a shame I couldn't stay longer with you. Fantastic shot of the Water Rail!

Warren Baker said...

Jack Snipe and Water Rail on the same day, and a photo of them're spoilt rotten!

Phil said...

Nice one Greenie, glad your mission was accomplished.I think I know what you mean about Deja a feeling i've been there!

ShySongbird said...

Well done on both birds Greenie, lovely photo of the Water Rail!

Red Gannet said...

Hi Greenie, I'm glad to see you found the Jack Snipe in the end