Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wednesday 10th.February 2010

After two very cold days up on the Greensand Ridge , I finally finished the hedgelaying , just in time if tonight's forecast of a few inches of snow is correct . Part of the Ridge forms one of the highest points in Kent , so if it's coming , the Ridge is sure to get it . The job has been protracted by the weather and injuries to the Warden and the other volunteer , so I am well pleased that it is behind us now . The 330 metres here , plus another 90 metres just after returning from New Zealand , adds up to almost 1/4 mile of hedgelaying , without taking into account the outings with the Surrey Hedgelaying Group .
Both yesterday and today , large numbers of Winter Thrushes were feeding in the fields directly behind the hedge , and unlike Warren's flock , they were mainly Fieldfares , with a few Redwings , and a large number of Starlings interspersed amongst them . A shot of the three species , taken with the old camera , as the new one will not be coming out with me whilst I am working , just in case . In the sunshine , between the snow showers , the Fieldfare made a striking subject , as it searched the grassland for worms and other tasty morsels .
A bewildered Mistle Thrush could only look on , and hope that the foreigners didn't eat absolutely everything in sight .
Tomorrow is meant to be a work day up on the Common , but that too , will be decided by the overnight weather .


ShySongbird said...

Well done Greenie, you have been busy!

We have had snow showers on and off all afternoon :(

Nice to see the Fieldfares etc. I think the Mistle Thrush looks pretty impressive!

Adam said...

Nice post Greenie, noticed the Fieldfares feeding on the ground on my patch for the lastr couple of weeks - they've eaten every morsel of apple from the orchards now!


Warren Baker said...

Who's the health and safety man on your crew, sack him!!