Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Wednesday 17th.February 2010

The forecast this morning was for cloud with a few sunny intervals . As the day developed , it became wall to wall sunshine and not a cloud in sight . I had thought about a trip to Rye Harbour and Dungeness , but the forecast changed my mind , a long way to go to be in cloud or fog , but , that's life .
I decided on another look at the Heronry at Kelsey Park in Beckenham . Apart from the dog walkers , it was reasonably quiet , but the clouds hadn't dispersed yet . Nothing unexpected on the stream into the lake , with just 5/6 Mandarin now , plenty of Tufted Duck and of course lots of Black Headed Gulls , ready to do battle for the next loaf to appear . Under the bridge , where the stream enters the lake , were three generations of Mute Swan . The 2009 brood still in their browny/beige juvenile feathers , the 2008 brood , having lost those feathers , but still sporting the dark bill , and two pairs of adults , sporting the orange bill with the black knob . I think , from it's size , this one was a female , but as always , I stand to be corrected . Of interest , Mute Swans were brought back from Cyprus by Richard the Lionheart , after his third crusade . The Heronry on the island was very busy , with several nests occupied . The one I posted last time still had a bird sitting , and when I got talking to a lady who is a 'Friend' of the Park , and who visits the every day , young birds were heard calling at the weekend . Whilst I was talking to her , the Heron in the middle of this shot flew in , and changed places with it's partner , settling down immediately on the nest . The original sitter , moving to the right , before flying off , probably to feed , the replacement sitter already tucked well down , almost out of sight . The usual Canada and Greylag Geese attempted to 'mug' all passers by , especially children with loaves in their hands . On the far side of the lake in a more wooded area , I heard then sighted just 2 Redwing , and they soon flew off . In the same area was this Mistle Thrush , looking very colourful in the sunshine , against the blue sky . All over the Park , Rose Ringed Parakeets were screaching , and several pairs were working on proposed nest holes . This is probably the male , working hard , whilst the female tells him how to do it . Sorry ShySongbird , I couldn't help myself with that one ! Not a lot else of interest , but as I was returning to the car , 4 Jays flew to the top of one of the large trees at the entrance . Three flew of almost immediately , but one remained for a short while , enough to try for another shot . Once again , the branches managed to mask the bird , I'll get a clear shot one day , perhaps . The main reason for leaving was that the sunshine had attracted even more dogwalkers and loads of children and their bikes and scooters .
On the way home I had a quick visit to Hayes Farm/Trout Fishery , which was very quiet . In one of the unused horse paddocks , were 11 Greylag Geese , proper ones , not the farmyard mixed types that I usually see here . Only other interest were 2 male Egyptian Geese on the field next to the lake , this one definately not wanting his photograph taken , but I took it anyway .
I headed home for lunch , kicking myself with the decision I made earlier .


Warren Baker said...

Parks are not the place to be at half term Greenie!
Bloody kids and bloody dogs everywhere Yuk!

I see you were right about me putting the mockers on the weather tomorrow, it looks wet again :-(

ShySongbird said...

The Egyptian Goose did look grumpy, perhaps his lady had been putting him in his place after taking advice from Mrs Rose Ringed Parakeet! :)

Great photos! I haven't seen a Jay for ages and yes the Richard the Lionheart and the Mute Swans info was interesting.

Your weather was much better than ours, it poured with rain here most of the day!

Kingsdowner said...

Could the swans not fly that far?

Greenie said...

Steve ,
They probably had a cob on .