Monday, 22 February 2010

Monday 22nd.February 2010

Having been trapped indoors for a second day running by continuous rainfall , I'm starting to get a touch of 'cabin fever ' , although , I must admit , that Saturday's hedgelaying down at Lingfield , took place under blue sky and very reasonable temperature , but even then , as we were finishing , the start of this grey weather was starting to creep it's way across the sky .

For a few posts now , I have been meaning to delete some of the older pictures on the blog , to make room for those that will hopefully be posted in the future . I noted that the said shots were taken just about a year ago to the day , so had a quick look through before deleting them .

I was amazed to see what was about at this time last year , as I had already found the first shoots of Early Purple Orchid , Primrose in flower , on a trip to New Hythe , Water Vole feeding in one of the ditches . On the same day , calling in at Fackenden Down , my first Adder sightingof the year , a very earthy looking specimen , just emerged into Spring sunshine , after spending the Winter underground in it's hibernacula . I had even seen my first butterfly on the wing , a Brimstone up on the Common . With what has been thrown at us this Winter , such sightings seem so unreal this year . I know I had a hibernating Peacock a few weeks ago in the garage , incidentally , it is still there , having moved slightly onto some cloth that I put to ward off the draught from the eaves . Nothing exciting in the garden today , apart from a female Blackbirdthat made me take a second look , before deciding it couldn't possibly be a female Ring Ousel . I remember Adam-East Malling , Ditton and Barming saying a while back , that he had seen some similar specimens .


Warren Baker said...

I agree greenie, this winter has been a ''normal'' winter, back the way it used to be. I wonder if we will go back to the mild winters and early springs ?

By the way, about deleting photo's from previous posts, I went to do the same and found I could no longer delete whole albums, only individual pics!

Phil Sharp said...

Greenie, cabin fever is right although it has given my feet a day to warm up again after the weekend. Can't believe how incredibly different a year can be. Thanks for highlighting it.

Adam said...

Looks like my bird Greenie - should have ringed it!


Kingsdowner said...

Ah, so these blogs do have a use!

Spring will be late this year, compared to the last two at least; Coltsfoot has just started to flower (reluctantly) whereas it was in full bloom on 18th and 20th January in 2008 & 2009.
Another gauge for us is whether or not daffodils bloom by St David's Day - this year we'll be lucky if they are out by St George's Day.

Simon said...

Nice photos Greenie! I have noticed a few crocuses flowering locally, but no other spring flowers. No butterflies either, but I did have a few Honeybees the other day.

Anonymous said...

We`ll be lucky to see any spring emergences this side of April.

ShySongbird said...

I was looking at someone's record of last year's garden flowers at this time compared to what they have showing now and there really was a huge difference. I have some Snowdrops, just emerged, which I thought must have expired being so much later than usual.

Coincidentally another blogger was considering whether a relative of theirs might have seen a Ring Ouzel recently.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Greenie,
Yes I managed to folow your ''deleting'' instructions, and sorted it ok.

As for Dereks blog, well it was me who suggested he start it up! I often read of his accounts on the KOS forum.