Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday 26th.April 2010

Firstly , something to be thinking about . A wild flower I found growing along the lane , not far from the Farm Lake today , but , what is it . A clue , we have posted the second part of the name many times already this year .
Only got out for a very short time yesterday , and that was to try and find a Cuckoo , that a friend had seen up on the Common , but needless to say , I was unsuccessful . I had another look this morning first thing , but still no luck . I did however have an interesting few minutes in one corner of one of the glades . Whilst photographing this Chiffchaff , and with a male Blackcap in full song within 10 metres , something caught my eye , disappearing into some scrub to one side . I kept still and waited , and after a short time , this Common Whitethroat , popped up , but didn't sing , and I had only mentioned yesterday to Steve/Kingsdowner , that I hadn't seen one yet . Not bad , three Warblers in one small area , in just a couple of minutes . Giving up on the Cuckoo , again , I headed off for another check on the Early Purple Orchids near Green Street Green . Along the lanes , Greater Stitchwort has exploded from the banks in drifts . This will be followed in about a month , by the smaller flowered Lesser Stitchwort . As I drove slowly along the lane to park , the call of a Yellowhammer had me stopping early and grabbing a shot . Parking up , I set off hoping for some butterflies in the sheltered areas , but with overcast skies and a cool wind , I was hoping for too much . Just before reaching the Orchid area , I came across my first Yellow Archangel-Lamiastrum galeobdolon , in flower , another member of the large Labiate family , and as can be sen , square stemmed as are the other members . The Early Purple Orchids didn't let me down this time , but , as I mentioned after my first visit , they are very few and far between this year . I can only think that they exhausted themselves with last years showing . I only found this colour today , whereas last year , pink , mauve , violet and white flowers were seen . Whilst in the woodland looking at the Orchids , once again , Common Buzzard , at least two , were heard , but not seen . As I was leaving the woodland , a rare sunny spell had me changing my plan , and heading for a small , south-facing , chalk grassland reserve , managed by LB Bromley , close by . Another Yellowhammer was in full song when I arrived , but didn't stay for a photo . Once again , no butterflies were recorded , but there were good numbers of two species of tiny , day flying moths on the wing . This I think is Pyrausta purpuralis , but I am having trouble identifying the second one , which looks as if it should be in the same family . Over to you I think Dean . Relax Dean , I've done some more digging , and I think it might be Pyrausta nigrata . What do you think ?
On the way back to the car , House Sparrows were in good numbers around the cottages , and this pair were busy , nest-building in the eaves under the hip of the roof . Well , she was , I think he was still mulling over who will go down from the Premiership this season . Just before the car , Honesty-Lunaria annua , a member of the Cabbage family , was growing in the bottom of the hedge . As I passed Christmas Tree Farm , in Downe , it sounded as if WW3 had broken out in the picnic area , alongside the lane . It turned out to be 4 Guinea Fowl , arguing the toss of a bit of thrown away sandwich . I had to take a shot of one of them , although , certain people would have 'ticked' them as well !
And finally , the question posed at the start of this post .
The plant is Greater Celandine-Chelidonium majus , a member of the Poppy family , and no way related to Lesser Celandine-Ranunculus ficaria , a member of the Buttercup family , and one of the earliest to come into flower .


Warren Baker said...

Now I hope you're not refering to me Greenie :-)

Good post today anyway - as always.

Rob said...

Orchids already!
And I must look out for that poppy passing itself off as a celandine too.
Your moth reminds me of one I saw on the mint last year, but it's not that.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
Nice day you had yourself, nice variety of photo's.
Well done with the 3 Warblers, and Yellowhammer.
Looks like it's blooming Orchid time again !

Dean said...

Pyrausta nigrata it is Greenie. Great shot too, as are the others.

Are you sure it`s April down there ? The way things are progressing, it looks more like late May.

ShySongbird said...

It's lovely to be back with you Greenie, I have missed everyone during my enforced absence from blogland.

A lovely post here full of Spring goodies, the purple Orchid is lovely. I haven't heard a Cuckoo yet but Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs seem to be everywhere. Well done on the Common Whitethroat and both the little moths are so pretty.

Steve said...

Great post Fred. Always learn so much from your blog