Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday 4th.April 2010

It wasn't long into my walk around South Norwood Country Park this afternoon , when I thought to myself , what am I doing here ? The sky was full of black clouds , the wind was chilly , to put it mildly , and every now and again , spits of rain . Anyway , I carried on , more for the exercise than the possibility of finding much .
The lake held a much larger number of Canada Geese than usual , causing many noisy squabbles . Two pairs of Shoveler were unexpected , as I had just a male last visit , no sign of the Pochard , a pair of Little Grebe , four pairs of Tufted Duck , the usual Mallard types , several Moorhens and Coots and a single Grey Heron . Several singing Wrens , a pair of LTTits and a singing Chiffchaff . The stream that runs through the Park , the Chaffinch Brook , provided the first Marsh Marigold flowers of the year , these , actually growing on the stream bed . by the time I got to the Kestrel nest box , a brief glimpse of the sun had obviously encouraged the female out , but as soon as the sun went in , so did she , it is possible that she could already be laying , or even on eggs . Rose Ringed Parakeets were seen/heard in the usual place , where the path crosses the stream , but one of the trees that they use for nesting was not . It was lying in bits by one side the side of the path , and on the other side , the stump , showing the reason why it had been cut down . Not a lot holding it up really , and a claim waiting to happen if it had fallen whilst people were passing underneath . A few Corvids and Finches and a couple of Stock Doves , these too taking advantage of some sunshine . The paths all around the Park were muddy and flooded , and as I was negotiating the last of these , before getting back to the car , I heard and had several fleeting glimpses of my first singing Blackcap of the year , but he was not prepared to come out fully from the Ivy clad tree , from which he was singing , enabling a photo . I did notice that many of the tree species that I passed around the Park have burst bud , and are in early leaf , but the Oak and Ash are yet to start .


Warren Baker said...

Not a very pleasant day to be out and about was it :-)
You did see some good stuff though, Blackcap and Kestrel.

My Marsh Marigold in my pond will be in flower next week (when the sun comes out whilst i'm at work )

Kingsdowner said...

The weather looks better for this week (but I've said that a few times this year).
Soon we'll be cursing the leaves, which obscure the fleeting glimpses of flitting birds.