Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wednesday 14th.April 2010

Well , that's another season over . Today we finished clearing up the coppicing site , so the Surrey Hedgelaying Group 'broke up' for the Summer , already looking forward to the new season in the late Autumn/early Winter . On site today the same birds were singing as on Saturday , with the addition of a Willow Warbler . Just before we left , a Common Buzzard flew over the site , then quartered the adjacent farmland . Sadly , the Blackbird nest that I posted last Saturday has been predated , with two of the eggs opened and devoured .
Since getting home , I have been processing the remainder of yesterday's photos from Ashdown Forest , and am just posting a few of them , whilst adding Goldcrest , Sparrowhawk , Redpoll , Song and Mistle Thrush , and Crossbill (heard but not seen) , to yesterday's list . The cock Linnet , one of several singing their hearts out into that wind . On my post last night , I said that the Common Buzzard was mobbed by a Corvid in the distance , but to my eye , that Corvid appears to be one of the Ravens . Nobody will be more surprised at this than me . The very large Wood Ant's nest , showing the probable Green Woodpecker damage .And finally , the distant view of the male Common Redstart , in the sunshine , singing his heart out .


Warren Baker said...

Shame about the Blackbird nest Greenie. I always reckon if a nest is easy enough to find by a human, then it stands little chance of surviving!

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Fred
nice photo's from yesterday and today. Shame about the Blackbird's nest.
As for the Buzzards being pestered by the Corvid, was the corvid close to the Buzzard, of further away, because if it was close to it I would have said that it is a Carrion Crow, because Raven's are as big as Buzzard's.Just my opinion. Also well done on sightings of the Redstart.

Anonymous said...

"Well , that's another season over."
By that Greenie, do you mean Summer ? Because it certainly feels like it.