Monday, 5 April 2010

Monday 5th.April 2010

Got out for a couple of hours this afternoon , thinking that things would have warmed up a bit , but I was wrong . Without the sun it was definitely chilly .
I headed for the Little Owl sight , again , beyond the Trout Fishery at Hayes Farm , and once again I failed to get a sighting . I am determined to see them one day , but I'm not holding my breath . I walked from the site to the Trout Fishery with plenty of Tit song and the occasional Chiffchaff , and near the Fishery , a doleful Mistle Thrush . As I got to the Fishery , I knew that there would be very little on the water , as around the lake were 8/10 anglers , and one of them even caught a Trout whilst I was there . Plenty of Coots and Moorhens , Canada Goose on it's nest on the island in the middle , no sign of the Egyptian Geese or the Little Grebes and no duck species other than Mallard types and the Farmyard types . Gt. Spotted and Green Woodpecker were both heard , and a pair of Fieldfare flew over and into the woods behind .
I cut through the woods on the way back to the car , a misjudgement , as the path was very muddy and lots of lying water . As I approached a very small stream , I was surprised to put up a pair of Mandarin , who seemed to have difficulty flying through the woods , and seemed to be cursing me for interrupting them as they did so .
The path led me onto the football pitches in Norman Park , close to where the River Ravensbourne , that used to flow in a culvert below the fields , but now meanders naturally on it's way to Bromley and beyond . Now that the planted trees and shrubs have matured , it makes a nice feature across a once uninteresting part of the Park . Another look for the Little Owls as I left , was as unsuccessful as the first attempt .
Today was the first time going out with the new camera where it hasn't been used , but there's always next time .
At home , I got a call from my Warden , to tell me that he had found out what the knocking sound that he has been hearing outside was . A pair of Nuthatches , could be the ones that I posted a few days ago , are looking to use the Tit box , close to two of the feeders on the back of his house . I told him that it is more usual for them to chose a hole slightly larger that their size and reduce the size with mud , rather than opening up a hole . If they do finish up nesting there , there could be some photo opportunities in a few weeks time .


Warren Baker said...

Its annoying when nothing turns up for the camera!

Normally there's a butterfly or two about by now, but it's just to cold and windy for 'em. Ive still to find my first Comma this year!

Dean said...

"Its annoying when nothing turns up for the camera!"

I can second that. Roll on some proper warm/sunny days.