Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday 20th. June 2011

Once things had warmed up this morning , I headed for High Elms to do the butterfly transect . Nine species were recorded , against 14 on the same day last year , and , for interest , have put last year's numbers recorded in brackets after today's . Meadow Brown 128 (31) , Marbled White 3 (0 , none seen yet ) , Large Skipper 8 (5) , Small Skipper , pictured 27 ( 0 , none seen yet ) , Ringlet 44 (1) , Red Admiral 1 (0) , Common Blue 3 (13) , Comma , pictured 1 (2) and Large White 1 (2) . Other species recorded last year , Dingy Skipper 1 , Brimstone 2 , Small White 2 , Green-veined White 2 , Brown Argus 2 , Holly Blue 1 , Painted Lady 1 and Speckled Wood 1 . It shows again just how further forward we are this year , especially with regard to the Small Skipper which had a good year last year and could do even better this .
Other interest found on the way round ,just a single specimen of White Mullein/Verbascum lychnitis , a member of the Figwort family ,a hurried shot of what I think is another Ichneumon , but haven't been able to identify it yet , just before it disappeared for good ,Lacewing / Chrysopa septempunctata ,Speckled Bush-cricket ,the recent rain has done wonders for the Orchids , with some very robust Common Spotted Orchids just about in perfect condition , especially compared to some very stunted specimens found during the dry weather , my first Bee Orchid of the year , then found a second shortly afterwards , and not too far away two more Fly Orchids and one more Man Orchid ,down by the dipping pond , Bloody Cranesbill/Geranium sanguineum ,and finally a couple of moths for the man , who identified the Coronet moth on the last post as such , even though I was convinced it wasn't , thanks Dean . This specimen , about the size of a Gatekeeper was struggling to fly and kept dropping into the wet grass , so I rescued it and placed it in a Yew , hopefully to dry out ,and this smaller specimen , with what looks like white hearts on the wings , found on emergent reeds around the dipping pond .


Rob said...

Glad you got a Bee Orchid Greenie. Common Spotted-orchids seen on the downs here recently all look very small, and we have a dearth of butterflies.

Phil and Mandy said...

love the bee orchid shot greenie, stunning flower

Dean said...

You`re keeping me on my toes this year, Greenie.
I reckon the moths are Light Emerald & Brown China-mark.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos today Greenie.

The Orchids there are are looking lovely. Bee Orchids really are beautiful and incredible looking.

Like Rob, we have a definite and worrying dearth of butterflies here!

I think your Ichneumon could be Amblyteles armatorius... not positive though.