Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thursday 9th.June 2011

Two days working up on the Greensand Ridge , produced just one shot whilst out and about . That was the Orange Hawkweed / Pilosella aurantiacum , which is just coming into flower .
So I'll just leave it at that , and a few shots of the feeders on the new shed back at the yard .
And underneath the feeders , there isn't a scrap to be found , as the clean up squad of Chaffinches , Woodpigeons , Robins , Magpies and Dunnocks are constantly on patrol .


ShySongbird said...

I planted some Orange Hawkweed (Fox and Cubs) in my garden last year as part of a move towards growing more wild flowers and it actually survived and flowered this year :)

Lovely to see the feeders so busy!

Warren Baker said...

What would the tits do without Peanuts :-) :-) Its great to see so many Greenie.

No Nuthatch back in my garden yet though.