Monday, 6 February 2012

Monday 6th. February 2012

I was confined to barracks today , awaiting the delivery that failed a while back . With a temperature somewhat higher than expected , a slow thaw has been evident all day , and the road is now drivable . Just before lunch , things brightened up with a bit of milky sunshine , so as it is only 5 minutes away , I spent a short time back at the Cotoneaster bush near the farm lake . On arrival there was no sign of birds on the bush , but what was noticeable was the amount of birdsong , especially Chaffinches in full song . Looking at the bush , there were very few berries to be seen , just a few around the branches almost touching the ground . Eventually the odd Fieldfare arrived , and when there were enough to feel confident , they flew down , not onto the bush , but onto the snow covered
ground underneath the bush , and proceeded to feed on the berries that had fallen . But , the fact that
they were on the ground , and that the owner's cat and dog were wandering around the garden , meant
that didn't stay long at all , and when they did leave , there was no sign of them returning . After lunch , I watched the ones around the back gardens , and whilst doing so , saw two flocks of about 30/40 Fieldfares , fly over , seemingly not interested in the berries next door .  Three Greenfinches
came to the feeders , to took possession of the seed , and didn't let the third get anywhere near it .
Whilst watching the Greenfinches , a movement in the Callicarpa bush signalled our first positive
Blackcap sighting in the garden this Winter , as before Christmas we had a 'maybe' , it was so quick , but this time I managed to get a few shots of this male from the back bedroom window . Mind you ,
by the time I took them , chased downstairs and out into the car port , he had had his feed of berries from the bush and was gone . Hopefully he will return in the next few days , now that he knows where the berries are . Whilst out , I had a walk down the back garden and got a couple of shots , a
Fieldfare that was eating what must be a totally rotten apple in one back garden , and a Redwing that
was just about to fly into the same tree .
I'm glad to say that the delivery arrived mid afternoon , so hopefully I'll get out tomorrow .


Phil said...

Great to see a Blackcap Greenie, haven't seen one this winter. Big thaw here today so hope to get out myself tomorrow.

Warren Baker said...

It was much warmer than forecast today wasn't it!

Great to have that Blackcap around, still a winter thrush scarcity here :-(

ShySongbird said...

You may have been confined to barracks Greenie but you had some good sightings and lovely photos too. I usually see Blackcaps in my garden in the Winter but haven't seen them at all this time, mind you I may not have been looking enough!

Waiting in for deliveries is such a pain, glad yours arrived eventually.

Mike H said...

Great stuff from home Greenie love that male blackcap.

Alan Pavey said...

Good stuff Greenie, the Blackcap was a nice bonus.