Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday 5th. February 2012

Well , managed to get the hedgelaying done yesterday and got home well before the overnight snowfall . Have not attempted to go anywhere today , as roads on the estate have not been treated , the Council do the bus route and then leave the rest . Do we pay less Council Tax ? So after clearing areas of the back garden path and putting down plenty of food and clean water , I spent the day catching up on processing photos taken over the last week or two , whilst watching the back garden from the back bedroom window , the results being :
Jackdaw on next door's Laburnam ,
One of two Blackbirds that have been feasting on the Callicarpa berries ,
Carol's Robin with that 'where are my mealworms' look .
With children playing in gardens , the Winter Thrushes have been patchy today , but when things quietened down , they came in good numbers to the Cotoneaster bush on the other side .
This Redwing just making off with it's prize ,
The Fieldfare wasn't quite as quick ,
Mind you , there are only so many berries that can be swallowed before one has to sit and digest ,
2 Fieldfare and a Redwing , feeding in harmony .
Whilst writing this , the next raiding party is assembling in the Sycamore , joined by a few Starlings ,
and 3 Rose-ringed Parakeets were arguing noisily for the seed feeder , this one won .


Phil said...

Shots of winter thrushes seem very appropriate at the moment Greenie, as do Robins. Parakeets maybe not so appropriate with snow but a very nice pic all the same.

ShySongbird said...

The Winter Thrushes look even prettier with berries and snow! Lovely photos throughout and obviously a productive day at the window. The Parakeet is a lovely splash of colour but looks decidedly odd in snow :-)

Warren Baker said...

The lane outside my house was cleared by 10:00am Greenie :-) Thats what happens when councillors live along a route ;-)

Least you've got Winter thrushes from your house :-)

Simon said...

I wondered whether I would get some winter thrushes in the garden this weekend, but no. The light that the snow reflects shows the soft contrasts of the Jackdaw's plumage beautifully!

Alan Pavey said...

Looks like a busy garden yesterday Greenie, great to have those thrushes in there.