Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thursday 23rd. February 2012

What a difference a day makes . Today we 'cooked' , working up on the Common in a temperature that must have been about 15C . That high temperature did induce a male Brimstone to leave his hibernation and fly across the heathland , my first sighting of the year , but he didn't stop for a shot .
There were also a lot of small moths around , this one stopped momentarily , and , when I returned to
the car , there were several more on the warm bodywork . Given my record with moths , I'll put my head in the noose and suggest March Moth , even though it's still February , but we'll wait and see .
Needless to say , they are not March Moth , but Tortricodes alternella . Many thanks to Dean / DDD
for pulling my head out of the noose .
That return to the car park was a bit earlier than usual , job done , and as the sun was still shining , I made a quick visit up onto the Greensand Ridge , before heading home . I was hoping to find several
reptiles out basking given the conditions , but just one male Adder , a very smart looking
individual , was found , another first for the year . A final first for the year came in the car park as I was leaving the Greensand Ridge , a bee or wasp , I never saw which it was , stung me on the side of the neck .


Anonymous said...

Greenie, take your head out of that noose, now. Your moths are Tortricodes alternella.

ShySongbird said...

Great shot of the Adder, Greenie.

Whether it was a bee or a wasp that stung you I'm sure it was a pain in the neck!....thought I would get that in before Mr Sharp does...

Warren Baker said...

First Butterfly, first Adder, and your first bee/wasp sting of the year :-) Great going !

Alan Pavey said...

Ouch!! Nice to find the first Adder and Brimstone of the year.

Rob said...

Lucky it was only the bee/ wasp, Greenie - looks like Mr Adder had you in his sights too!

(Hope the pain's subsided by now.)