Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday 26th. February 2012

Just a quick post to catch up on a few sightings over the weekend . Yesterday , I spent a very pleasant
half hour up on the Common , watching a pair of Long Tailed Tits starting to build their nest . This one has just arrived with some lichen to camouflage the soon to be domed nest . Later , I found a male Hairy-footed Flower Bee in the back garden , on the same Winter Jasmine that the female was photographed on , but he didn't stay long enough for me to get the camera . Once again this morning ,
the male Blackcap visited the Callicarpa bush for his breakfast , the difference being that this time ,
 he brought his lady . I saw the pair firstly from the back bedroom window , and managed a single
shot of the pair through the double glazing , but by the time I got downstairs , the local cat had appeared , and that was the last I saw of the female . Later , I went to help a friend put up some tubes in a woodland with a good under-storey of Hazel , to see if there was a population of Dormice in the area . We will survey the tubes on a regular basis when the animals emerge from hibernation , and if found , wooden nest boxes will replace the tubes . A most enjoyable amble around a woodland surrounded mainly by houses , with the most Honeysuckle I have ever seen , so White Admirals
could feature as well in the future . The only shots I got were of a Tree Creeper who seemed to be
enjoying the mild temperature as it busily looked for food .


Marianne said...

Nice photos, spring is definitely springing! By the way, I was at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve today, and there was a notice in the window of the visitor centre asking for you (that's if I've remembered your name right) to contact them re Cormorant photos... strange but true!

Greenie said...

Marrianne ,
Thanks for that .
It was my plan to do Sevenoaks today , so will see what it is all about .

ShySongbird said...

Hi Greenie, another interesting post and it is nice to see the LTT nest building, they do have the most amazingly intricate nests. Hopefully we will get some updates on any successful chick rearing eventually although if I remember rightly their nests suffer a very high rate of fingers crossed!

I tried and failed to get some Tree Creeper photos the other day, you did much better.

Well done with the Blackcaps too. This is the first Winter for some years that I haven't seen any in my garden.