Monday, 21 January 2013

Monday 21st. January 2013

Well the heavy snowfall arrived yesterday , and added to Friday's to give over 6'' in total over the area . The main roads and bus routes are clear , but our road and a few others on the estate is like a skating rink with nothing being done as usual . I have been wondering how the juvenile Buzzard has been getting on , now that he cannot find earthworms in the frozen , snow covered fields . I had a look for it on Friday and only spotted it because some of the local Corvids were giving it grief , chasing it amongst the tall trees at the back of the fields . I went with the hope of getting some shots of it in the snow on Saturday , but failed to find it . Yesterday afternoon , I had a walk during the snowfall , and once again failed to find it . This morning , as I walked along the bottom lane , almost reaching a skip in one field full to the top with horse droppings , heard Corvids and saw them chasing the Buzzard back towards the tall trees . I think it must have been searching for something to eat in the droppings , as there was no snow covering the top of the contents . I watched it
land some 100+ metres away , looking very sorry for itself . From it's perch , it could see other species feeding from feeders close to some stables , and after a short while , it was tempted to the area , even though
 it meant more grief from the Magpies and Blackbirds particularly . It obviously didn't know what to do , but
it did give an unusual photo opportunity , a Common Buzzard on a bird table . Shortly after taking the shot , the local Corvids spotted it again , and this time it was chased deeper into the surrounding woodland . I just hope it is managing to find some bits and pieces to eat and that the snow melts and ground defrosts so it can get back to what it knows . The rest of the walk was pretty quiet , with very little seen or heard , apart from a very persistent Gt. Spotted Woodpecker drumming it's heart out , and a flock of Goldfinches on feeders in
a front garden on my way back , and a Magpie using one of the Buzzard's fence posts .
This afternoon , the skies lightened , with the odd glimpse of the sun , which encouraged even more birds to the garden feeders , like ,
a colourful male Chaffinch , one of 20+ of the species coming in ,
to keep the balance , a female Greenfinch , one of 6 or 8 ,
a Fieldfare of unknown gender , the first in the garden this Winter , 
and finally , Carol wasn't totally sure who was eating the mealworms that were being put out . I think we know the answer now .


Warren Baker said...

Good luck to the Buzzard Greenie, warmer weather by the weekend :-)

I see you are well and truly back with the Photo's now !

Marianne said...

Ah, I really feel for that poor Buzzard. I hope it finds enough food to get by and makes it through this spell of hard weather. Lovely pics of the garden birds :)

ShySongbird said...

Poor Buzzard, it is hard work for the birds in this weather! Lovely garden photos. Well done with the Fieldfare, the snow has brought them into my garden again too. Great photo of the Robin :-)

Phil said...

A Buzzard on a bird table Greenie,not seen that before! Nice shots all round.