Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday 27th.January 2013

The change in the weather yesterday to mild and sunny , meant that the postponed Byfleet hedge was finished , and as a bonus , nobody got stuck in the field . Strange to think that we have just four more days hedgelaying with the Surrey group , and that will be the season over with for another year . Mind you , a couple of emails received recently asking for some help 'tree laying' again , should once again prove interesting , to say the least .
The good weather albeit with strong winds , after heavy overnight rain , continued this morning , and with limited time , I headed off down the bottom lane , hoping to find the juvenile Common Buzzard back on it's patch in the horse fields , now that the snow had gone . Scanning the fence posts and it's favoured perches from the lane at the first opportunity , there was no sign . As I turned the corner , I thought I saw the bird on the ground , right at the back of the field , near to where the deer and fox was seen , but by the time I got alongside , there was nothing showing . Once again , I scanned the fence posts , and well camouflaged , just about as far away from the lane it could get , I was pleased to spot the bird . Being the weekend , many more people were in and around the fields , so it was probably keeping out of their way , but the important thing was that it had survived the severe conditions , and now with the ground no longer frozen , it was back in it's old routine of spotting
worms from it's perch and swooping down to catch them . A few times it landed and stayed still for a
short while , looking very majestic . Things were definitely back to normal when the Buzzard strayed
too far down the field , when the local Corvids swooped in to let it know who actually own the turf . Just before I left , the Buzzard did move on to one of his previous favoured posts , and posed nicely ,
as the clouds started to gather . Those clouds produced a couple of heavy showers , finishing up with thunder and hail . But the important thing was that the Buzzard was still around .


Ken. said...

Good to see that your Common Buzzard has not deserted you. You did well getting some photo's of it.

Marc Heath said...

Not easy on the deck to get shots of. You done well here.

Alan Pavey said...

Nice one Greenie, some really nice shots, I've tried to get pics on the ground of Buzzard and failed miserably!!

ShySongbird said...

Well done Greenie, some lovely photos there especially the one on the post.