Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday 13th. January 2013

Well , even with the helpful suggestions from fellow Bloggers , I still can't upload any photos as the 'browse' button still hasn't re-appeared on the 'select a file' page . I spent most of yesterday trying to download Firefox and then Chrome , often getting to a point when I felt like throwing everything related to the computer out of the window . Four times I tried to download Firefox , only to have the download stopped because 'network time had expired' , then on the fifth attempt , it worked . I then tried to sign into my blog to see if the 'browse' was working there , only to be informed by Firefox that 'the page wasn't redirecting properly and that it had been detected that the server was directing the request to this address in a way that will never be completed' . Once again everything nearly went out of the window . After a break , I attempted to download Chrome , and after 45 minutes , the screen froze , at that I gave up , apart from looking at the 'Something is broken' Blogger forum and seeing that I am just one of many , some being unable to upload photos since before Christmas . One entry says that a solution should be out this week , but I for one am not holding my breath .
On the wildlife side , another Siskin , a male this time has visited the feeders , and the Greenfinch , Goldfinch and Chaffinch numbers have really increased , but still no sign of a Brambling or Redpoll , although one of the other volunteers on the Common has over a dozen every day on the Niger seeds . Talking of the Common , I met up with a fellow enthusiast the other day whilst having a walk around , who told me that he had been seeing a juvenile Common Buzzard in one of the horse fields on the bottom lane , thanks for the info David . I visited later on and photographed the bird in far from ideal light conditions , but it has been around for some days , so if some better light conditions do come about , and not at the weekends when the fields and lanes are busy , I hope to get back and get some more shots . The same goes for the Hawfinches at Barming .
Whilst walking near Keston , I found my first flowers of the year , Winter Heliotrope / Petasites fragrans , and a little while later the first Snowdrops / Galanthus nivalis , in flower . The first furled leaves of Lords and Ladies / Arum maculatum were also found .


ShySongbird said...

Oh dear!! Sorry to read my suggestion of downloading Firefox or Chrome has caused you so much trouble Greenie. The problem you have with blogger is clearly, as I thought, to do with IE but I am at a loss to know why you found downloading Firefox such a problem. I recently put it onto a different computer and it literally took moments! I am on Windows 7 but know it is similarly easy to install on Vista and on XP. The only thing I can think of is that your internet service provider has a very slow speed. Another blogger with your problem followed my suggestion and was up and running again immediately. Other than trying again with Firefox it looks like you will have to wait until Blogger or IE find a fix :-( I hope it won't be too long and you can soon get back to normal.

Anyway, it is lovely to read of all the subtle signs of Spring you are seeing and good luck for the Hawfinches and the juvenile Buzzard.

Wilma said...

Nothing like computer problems to drive you mad! A shame not to see your photos, but a good read, regardless.

Warren Baker said...

Lets hope you get sorted out soon Greenie, I know how frustrating it can be!

Lots of ''signs of spring'' here too - cant be long now :-)

Mike H said...

So sorry to hear of the contiued plight Greenie. I also have snowdrops in flower in our garden for over a week now but am mindful that a few good frosts will soon cause them to droop. Like you it is my intention to revisit the Hawfinch but since i saw you last I have beenn laid up with flu. Maybe next week I will get out !"

Brother Gerry said...

Can't help you with your problem, but I know a man who can...Tech Specialist... There may be a charge for this service, but only if they solve the problem. Gerry O'Hare