Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wednesday 9th. January 2013

Can anyone please help with this posting problem ?
Whilst drafting a posting , I attempted to insert a photo using the symbol to the right of 'Link' on Blogger's tool bar .
The 'Select a file' page appears , but the 'browse box' does not appear .
In the area where it would normally appear , are the words ' You can upload a JPG , GIF or
PNG files ' .
Down the left hand side of the window , the usual 'Upload' , 'from this blog' , 'Picassa Albums'
'phone' , 'webcam' or 'URL' still appear .
So I am unable to upload any photos .

Any ideas ?


Phil said...

Could it be that you have reached the limit of your quota of your free web space on blogger? I vaguely recall someone else having this problem and this being the reason .... best wishes, Phil

Greenie said...

Phil ,
Thanks for the suggestion , but I checked that out and am well within the free allowance figure .

Warren Baker said...

On the select a file page there should be a ''choose files button, this takes you to a page to get the photo's from your computer ( browse box at top.

Greenie said...

Warren ,
The problem is that I get the select a file page , but there is no 'browse' button on it , just the words I mentioned .

Wilma said...

Just hit the "upload" button and a browse window opens. At least that has worked for me. Good luck.

Greenie said...

Wilma ,
Thanks for the suggestion , but I'm obviously not as lucky as you , as the 'upload' highlights on hitting it , but nothing else happens .
Thanks for your time anyway .

ShySongbird said...

Hi Greenie, I am guessing your browser is Internet Explorer. I have had a look at my blog on IE and the same problem is there, the 'choose a file' option is missing. I always use Mozilla Firefox as my browser and on that there is no problem so I suggest you download a different browser, my preference is Firefox but another option is Google Chrome. I hope this helps!

ShySongbird said...

Hi again Greenie. The other blogger I advised on the problem has followed my suggestion and he reports that all is well now. I do hope it works for you too!

Greenie said...

ShySongbird ,
Apologies for not replying earlier , but to add to everything , the ISP has been down for hours .
I have found out that it is a 'known problem' and that Blogger are working on it .
Regardless , I shall follow your advice and change browser to Firefox , when I can get my head around what to do .
Thanks again for your kind help , I'll let you know when / if I manage to sort things out