Monday, 8 September 2008

Monday 8th.September 2008

Wasn't sure where I was going today , but decided on Bough Beech , Greensand Ridge near Westerham and Limpsfield Chart , just over the border in Surrey .
Been a while since visiting Bough Beech , a few years ago , it was a regular Thursday task , four of us in a working party in the morning , keeping the views open , keeping the scrub down on the causeway and even building a fake Osprey nest and getting it to the top of the telegraph pole that can be seen in a bit from the left-hand headland of the main reservoir . It never fooled the Ospreys , but Kestrel and Sparrow Hawk have been seen on it . The afternoons were spent birdwatching , and we had the freedom of the site , including behind the dam at the far end , and behind the North Lake in Winkworth Wood .
The causeway is always a chilly place , but with a bit of sun this morning , it wasn't bad , and round the corner towards the Cuckoo Field it was positively barmey . With the breeze coming in off the water , the Lapwing were facing into it , and had their heads tucked under the wing . On the North lake , There was Common and Green Sandpiper , more Lapwing , several Teal and a couple of Herons . One of them was trying out his gymnastics on the concrete wall of the culvert .Around the corner , in the barmey bit , the Lapwings were obviously warmer too , quite happy to stand around on one leg . Whilst down that end , I had a look for the Violet Helleborine that used to grow there . Sure enough , it is still growing in the same place , albeit much smaller than it used to be , and only a single plant . There were large numbers of Coots and Grey Lag Geese , a few Cormorant , several Little Egret , a couple of Terns , several flocks of hirondine , mainly Swallows passed through , several small flocks of Linnet , a single Kestrel , but no Ospreys .
A walk down the other end produced the best bird of the day , a rather distant Spotted Flycatcher , catching flies from a Willow over the Roy Coles Flood .

The bridge area before the Oast House and the area around the Roy Coles Flood was alive with Dragon/damselflies . An estimated 75/100 Common Darter ( a female getting red with age ) , almost all in tandem and ovipositing , 5+ Migrant Hawkers ( male below ) ,

2 Southern Hawkers and 2 Brown Hawkers .

There were plenty of other insects about too , especially around the Oast House . A constant drone could be heard , coming from a swarm of bees , who seemed to be taking over the turret of the Oast House . Also seen were a pair of hornets foraging through the Water Mint and Gipsywort , looking for their next meal . And finally a strange fly , I know about Neon fish , but this is new to me .

Tomorrow , we are meant to be putting up the new fence at the Barley field , weather permitting , so there won't be much wildlife to report on , so I'll write up the Greensand Ridge and Limpsfield Chart tomorrow evening .

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Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Well done with the Spot fly! I would of been there if I could!
Great stuff.