Saturday, 27 September 2008

Saturday 27th.September 2008

Just a few lines and a few pictures that might be of interest . A beautiful day for hedgelaying near Leith Hill in Surrey , if anything too warm for this country craft , but lets not complain . The hedge to be layed , first thing this morning :- The hedge , as we left it , part layed , going back in two weeks :-Hopefully , this side if the field gate will be completed then .

Like busses , they come in twos , as it was with the Pale Tussock moth caterpillar . After my neighbour finding one yesterday , one of the layers found this one today . Today's specimen was prepared to un-curl , and was very active .

Not so many Buzzards heard or seen today , but one individual caught my eye , but by the time I got the camera from the car , it was soaring on a thermal and a poor photo was the result .
As we were packing up for the day , Corvids were mobbing a bird of prey , I think it was a Sparrowhawk , but couldn't be sure as it was in the distance .
All day at Shorne Park tomorrow , chances of wildlife ?


NW Nature Nut said...

All your caterpillar photos are great. Such diversity. And it's fun to see the dragonflies and butterlfies too. You sure find a lot of wildlife!

Steve said...

The Pale Tussock must be one of the most attractive caterpillar we have don't you think?

Warren Baker said...

You can come and do the hedgerows on my patch anyday greenie. the ones here have just had there annual butchering, along with with one of the stiles!!