Friday, 19 September 2008

Saturday 20th.September 2008

Spent a great day , the first of the new season with the Surrey Hedgelaying Group , coppicing Hazel in preparation for hedgelaying next week . It was good to meet up again with people who you haven't met since March , when last season ended . The frustrating part was , we were in the middle of woodland , and I could hear Buzzards calling overhead . Eventually , we managed to open a porthole to the sky , and very hurriedly , I managed a few hand held shots .

The last shot was a 'pointed wing' shot , helping to confirm the sighting at High Elms a few days ago .

The only other thing of interest were two 'Decievers' . The one on the left is Laccaria amethystea-Amethyst deciever , and the one on the right Laccaria laccata-Deciever .

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Warren Baker said...

Seems its been a Buzzard day Greenie. They always seem to keep themselves between the sun and my camera!