Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Tuesday 16th.September 2008

A volunteering day spent coppicing Hazel , to get the materials for a hedgelaying project in a couple of weeks time . 250 stakes ( to secure the layed hedge ) and the same number of binders ( to be woven in and out of the stakes ) are needed , so it was full steam ahead all day . Very little wildlife was seen , in fact for long periods of time , there were no bird calls at all . Whilst clearing bramble , I found this nest , only about 50cm. from the ground . It was beautifully made , with each strand woven into the adjacent ones . I think it might be a Common or Lesser Whitethroat .
At the end of the day , I turned a few tins before coming home , and from 10 pairs of refugia , recorded 3 Grass Snakes , 9 Slow Worms and 6 Common Lizards .
One of the Common Lizards appeared to have lost it's tail at some time , and the replacement differing in colour , and looking leathery . There can be quite a lot of colour difference between individuals , as can be seen in this shot . Two of the ones recorded were juveniles , so conditions must be good on the site . Two of the Grass Snakes were of reasonable size , but this one was a really good size ,and unexpected too , as I have only recorded the odd Slow Worm under this pair of refugia .

The Slow Worm count included three juveniles , and one very unusual black form . I have never seen one this colour before , and am making enquiries through KRAG , to see if they have any others recorded . The common found colouration is the bottom one .

Still lots of fungi around , and came across this one , another that does what it says , Clitocybe flaccida-Tawny Funnel Cap .

Tomorrow sounds like a bits and pieces day , so whether any wildlife turns up , we'll have to wait and see .

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Warren Baker said...

Love the snakey shots Greenie!
(SNAKEY not SHAKEY ;-) )