Monday, 13 September 2010

Monday 13th.September 2010

Don't ask me why , but I decided to make another attempt on a decent Kingfisher shot , and headed for Sevenoaks Reserve . Before arrival , I decided that waiting for the bird to arrive at the hide was the way to proceed . One and a half hours later , with just 3/4 sightings at distance , and other interest amounting to watching several large fish , probably Common Carp , feeding in the shallows , I had to get out and have a look around . Sitting in one place doesn't suit me .
A quick look out of the next hide produced an adult Egyptian Goose , that took flight almost immediately , to join another adult and 3 juveniles over on the far side of the lake .
A couple of Teal carried on feeding , unperturbed by the Goose's noisy departure .
With the sun already lost behind clouds , very little Odonata activity , but plenty of fungi was found , the best being Amanita muscaria-Fly agaric .On the far side of the reserve , a Great Crested Grebe was preening in the shallows .
I don't know what it was trying to do here , but it seemed to be trying to turn itself inside out .On the shore line , another sighting of Common Sandpiper .Didn't notice any signs for an air display , but this pair of Mallard were doing their best to provide one .Also found a pair of juvenile Great Crested Grebes practicing the 'mirror' Spring routine . By the time I got the big lens on , they had finished their practice .
I decided to give the hide another go , finding a chap from Hawkhurst , already in there on the same mission . He too had seen 3 Kingfishers a couple of weeks ago . Another 4/5 sightings , including one with the bird heading straight for the perch outside the hide , before veering off at the last second . Also watched the 'swimming Heron' again , and again he caught two fish doing his submarine on the surface routine . But , bottom line , still no decent Kingfisher shot , after another hour and a half . Will I try again ?


Phil said...

Full marks for effort Greenie. Should have tried a spot of carp fishing while you waited for the expert fishers to arrive.

Kingsdowner said...

Overheard at a recent twitch.....
"Lots of birders sitting around with their lenses trained on a single stick, waiting for a kingfisher to sit on it, just doesn't do it for me".
You neither Fred - don't waste the time!

Warren Baker said...

One will pop up in front of you one day Greenie ( probably when you are camear-less!).

I am still waiting, but when it happens it will be a good feeling :-)

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
Nice photo of the Fly agaric. I have yet to see one, I hope I do one day, it is one of those fungi that one hears about but isn't seen that often, well by me at least.
Great air display by the 2 Mallards.