Monday, 20 September 2010

Monday 20th.September 2010

Whilst making a trip to the local tip , I stopped off on the way back for a look around a very quiet South Norwood Country Park . I headed first to the lake , which has been replenished since my last visit , produced a Grey Heron , preening , whilst standing on one leg . Just the usual species on the water , where the Coots were keeping everyone else in check . One unusual moment occurred , when a male Tufted Duck must have thought he was an Otter , when he rolled over , floating on his back , making sure everything was in it's right place . I've never seen a duck do this before . Walking around the Park in warm sunshine , just a few common species were seen , but no sign of a Kestrel , which is unusual for this site . A large mixed Tit flock , with a couple of Chiffchaffs were found , but not much else . The warmth of the sun was put into perspective with the large swathes of Michaelmas Daisies , which in full flower , reminded me of what season we are in . After lunch , I had a look up on the Common , though clouds and a stiffish breeze was lowering the temperature . Having stated that butterflies were just about finished , I recorded 6 species , 4 of which could have come out of hibernation , drawn by the warmth . They were Red Admiral , Comma ( pictured ) , Brimstone and Peacock . Also recorded were Speckled Wood and Small Copper ( pictured ) . This particular specimen having the blue spots on the hindwings , an aberration known as ab.caeruleopunctata . An unexpected sighting was that of a Silver Y moth . Not a lot of colour about now , but here and there , Golden Rod-Solidago virgaurea , lightened the surroundings . Fungi found included Sulphur Tuft-Hypholoma fasciculare , growing on a Silver Birch stump , and a double of Bay Bolete-Boletus badius on the left and Tawny Grisette-Amanita fulva on the right . Tomorrow is Dormouse and Reptile survey day , up on the Greensand Ridge . Hopefully the warm weather will help with some interesting finds .


Warren Baker said...

Go on Greenie, you keep rubbing it in, I would love to have a Tufted duck on my patch, weather it could impersonate Otters or not.!

Phil said...

Are you sure that Tufted Duck was alive Greenie. 'Belly up' springs to mind!
Still a few Speckled Woods at New Hythe this morning and a Clouded Yellow at Oare. Other than that I think doldrums seems to sum it up at the moment.

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
Looks like a nice park. Good photo's too, especialy the Comma Butterfly.
How long have Tufted Ducks been able to do the backstroke?