Thursday, 9 September 2010

Thursday 9th.September 2010

I decided this morning to have another go at getting some Kingfisher shots , and headed for Sevenoaks KWT reserve . I went straight to the hide where I saw three birds last visit , and had the hide to myself . Unfortunately , the Kingfishers couldn't have known I was waiting for them , as not a single sighting was had over a one and a half hour watch . In fact , apart from close sightings of very big Carp in the shallows , the only other interest was this Moorhen , collecting material and making a nest near the hide . If they weren't coming to me , I would have to go looking , and headed for the next hide . On the way I found a very fresh Green-veined White , nectaring on Water Mint . Reaching the hide and looking out , I found a very close Green Sandpiper , no more than 10 metres straight in front , but still no Kingfishers .
In sunny areas around the lakes , were good numbers of Common Blue Damselflies , still with one thing on their minds .Another sunny area produced a very autumnal looking Comma .Usually very difficult to photograph as they never keep still , I must have photographed at least 5 different male Brown Hawkers , and saw many more .Apart from a few Common Darters , Migrant Hawkers like the male above , were the only other dragonflies recorded .Heading back the way I had come , I returned to the Green Sandpiper hide , to find two Grey Wagtails , once again , just out front .And now the Green Sandpiper had been joined by a Pied Wagtail . Whilst in the hide , I had two fly-by Kingfishers , both heading for the first hide , so that was where I headed .
I got sightings almost immediately , but , as with my last visit , they were at distance .
One did fly a bit closer , but on the wing , the AF was working overtime to try to get a shot . After 10 minutes , the sightings finished when a Grey Heron flew in to where I had last seen a Kingfisher land . The Heron stood preening for a while , then did something I've never seen one do before . It flew across the lake , and landed in deep water . I don't know how deep it was , but it almost looked as if it was swimming . Then it lowered itself even deeper into the water , moving slowly foreward . In a flash , that dagger like bill was in the water , and out it came with a good sized fish , which it swallowed before flying back to the bank .
A quick look at another hide , just before leaving produced a Common Sandpiper .
After eating my lunch , I decided to have a look up on the Downs on my way home , but I'll post that on a quiet day .


Warren Baker said...

Your Kingfisher shots are much better than anything ive done so far greenie.

PS saw a common Lizard this afternoon, only the 2nd ever on my patch :-)

Phil and Mandy said...

I am going there tomorrow Greenie, will hope to have as many as last sunday.Lovely pictures. Phil

Dean said...

Great post Greenie. That Pied Wag looks very much like a White Wag.

Simon said...

I haven't been to the Sevenoaks reserve afor a long while - must go soon! Interesting to see the heron behaviour - I remember seeing this for the first time a couple of years ago in mote park.

Phil said...

Very nice Common Sand shots Greenie and well done with the Kingfisher!
If you look at Marianne's 'Wild Side' blog on and find a post entitled Kingfisher Addiction dated 2nd Sept. you will see a similar picture of a 'swimming' Heron taken at Sevenoaks WR. I wonder if it's the same bird?

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie
I really must get down to Sevenoaks Reserve soon. You saw some good stuff. I have never seen a Brown Hawker Dragonfly, and the site isn't too far from me.
Nice views and photo's of the Green Sand, along with the other shots.